..and if that happens I'll die.

Assalamualaikum wbt..

Tak perlu kata apa2, senyum saja sambil baca yek..kalau ada salah typo ayat tu, sila beri komen..*biasa le sekolah takat SPM je, nak cakap omputih jauh sekali, nak menulis pun guna google translate, tapi janji usaha..hehehehe TQ 

I fear that someday you might leave me because you realize you can do better
I fear that something is going to stand in our way and we will slowly drift apart
I fear that you won't call me or will get tired of who I am
I fear that you might realize how you've compromised for me
I fear that some one is going to steal you away
I fear that something inside of you is going to get annoyed with all the little things you used to love
I fear that one day something is going to happen 
and God will take you away from me
But most of all I am afraid that I may do something to make you cry, 
and if that happens I'll die..

P/S:  Masa menulis ni sambil minum air, sikit je lagi nak tumpah cawan tu atas lappy Lin ni..kussss semangat bagai nak jatuh jantung aku..*nak minum pergi dapur ye!!


  1. terbaikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    kak, perfect..
    tapi ayu seriau tang PS tu.
    hampir ku pitam

  2. Ayu CR: Thankx ayu, alaaa guna google translate aje hahahahaha :p

    Memang seriau bagai nak pitamm..kalaulahhhhhhhhhhh........

  3. Kali ni kita nak puji awak Lin.. Awak hebat kerana berjaya melakukan!!

    Kali ni kita nak ingatkan awak Lin.. Lain kali tengah menaip jangan sesebok minum.. Tengah minum jangan sesebok menaip.. ekekekekekeke :D

    Kita doakan awak sekeluarga bahagia, Amin.

  4. Oh Oeya: Thankx Oya..hehehehe alaa kita taip pastu translate aje :p

    Baikk cikguuu, saya tak buat lagi..



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