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LEGOLAND® MALAYSIA RESORT CELEBRATES FRIENDSHIPS WITH AN UNFORGETTABLE LEGO® FRIENDS PARTY | From 22 February to 9 April, the new generation of LEGO® Friends are throwing a party at LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort. This next generation of LEGO Friends characters and activities are designed to celebrate diverse friendships in the modern world.

“Children today face a host of modern challenges, passions, obstacles, and differences while trying to understand the world around them and create new lasting friendships. With the introduction of LEGO Friends at LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort, we hope to give parents and kids more tools to navigate friendships and their emotions as they grow and learn about the world around them,” said CS Lim, Divisional Director at LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort.

“We know that friendships aren’t always easy, especially with the upcoming school year. We want to help children be better friends to themselves and others. At the LEGO Friends Party, we have curated activities that will encourage emotional and social development through play to help them better understand their individuality and diversity,” CS added.

LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort Celebrates Friendships With An Unforgettable LEGO® Friends Party

Incredible in-park shows and activities are designed to help guests express individuality and diversity in the modern world. 

Getting To Know The New Generation of LEGO Friends

During the LEGO Friends Party, guests can get acquainted with each of the eight new characters through activities based on their passions and diverse interests such as: 

  • Building their own adorable LEGO animals with Autumn’s Build-An-Animal activity. Guests can also learn how they can play a part in saving the planet with Autumn’s Save the Planet activity.
  • Music heads should flock to Paisley’s Booth to test their rhythm skills by playing catchy songs during the Play-A-Tune activity!
  • Nova’s Speed Building Challenge will test your building skills as Nova looks for the fastest builder at the resort.
  • Guests who express themselves best through art can showcase their individuality through art at Liann’s Fun with Art booth.
  • Fashionistas get the perfect opportunity to dress up and strike their best pose at Olly’s Photo Studio. 
  • Joining Chef Leo in making a delicious LEGO® pizza at Leo’s Pizza Making Class!
  • Bookworms and movie lovers shouldn’t miss taking a photo with Aliya’s giant book and watching the new LEGO Friends show at Aliya’s Movie Projection!
  • Brand-new in-park shows featuring the new generation of LEGO Friends such as Zac’s BMX Stunt Show, Zac’s Groovy Party, Paisley’s Retro Flashback, Leo’s Football Freestyle, Aliya’s School Dance, and more!
Look Forward to More LEGO Friends at LEGOLAND® Hotel

Fans can also look forward to experiencing the brand-new LEGO Friends-themed room at LEGOLAND Hotel that will be launched in April 2023. The brand new refurbished themed room will join the current exciting line-up of PIRATE, KINGDOM, ADVENTURE and LEGO NINJAGO® themed rooms.

For more information on LEGO Friends Party, head over to the official website at or LEGOLAND social media pages on Facebook and Instagram

P/S : Cuti sekolah ni mesti penuh Legoland ni, tapi... hujan kann..

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  1. itulah, klu hujan tak boleh naik rollercoaster ride tak syok la pulak. klu pegi legoland ni dorang dua tu nak naik rollercoaster je yg lain dieorang tak pandang sangat pun huhu

    1. Yaa kalau hujan memang semua tergendala.. kalau annual pass okay lagi, kalau beli day pass, rugiii...

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