gigi oh gigi...adeiii

adeiii....ishhh klu dh sakit gigi teruk jgk ye,nk marah pun ye,nk tido ssh pun ye,nk mkn/minum semua susah,lg klu nk bt keje x menjd semua...ini la kali per-1 lin kena sakit gigi,bru tau cmne rasenye...adeiii..hrni dh ok sikit cuma rase nyilu2 je,sok nk bt appoinment kt klinik gigi nk pi cabut...sakit x ek??? ala takutnye,kate org doktor bg bius,tp bius la tu yg sakit,adeiiii......tggu je la sok ye cmne..
gigi oh gigi...adeiii gigi oh gigi...adeiii Reviewed by Sis Lin on Thursday, October 23, 2008 Rating: 5


  1. jangan takut k lin.
    masa cabut x rasa apa okey!!!

  2. alang2 nk cabut. cuci gg terus la. kekeke

  3. salam sis lin..
    gg kita serpih sikit ptg td.
    tgk cermin rs tensen..adehhh...depanlak tuhh..

  4. eeeiii.. takot nye nk cabut gigi..
    tapi gigi ni selagi x cabut sakit nyer Tuhan je yg tau.
    naik smpai kepala nnti.


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