Cikgu bg Hadiah?

Salam semua...
Blk kenduri dpt telur,siap dpt berkat mkn lg...bila blk rumah buka pc dpt plk gift..dr Azza Sedetik Hati...mmg best klu sape2 dpt jumpa dia tau...nnti dpt kek keladi keh3...sedapnye klu hr2 dpt mkn kek,lg plk kek color purple tu kan...Azza nnti kita jumpa bwkkn Sis kek oren plk ye..keh3.
Bt Azza terima kasih sudi bg gift ni bt Sis..nnti Sis free2 Sis bg gift kt Azza ye...

P/S:Azza klu nk bg kek tu,bg yg 3kg tau..berat sikit,keh3...yum3
Cikgu bg Hadiah? Cikgu bg Hadiah? Reviewed by Sis Lin on Saturday, November 22, 2008 Rating: 5

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