Congrate! Barcelona....

Salam semua...
Ermmm sana sini cite bola kan?...ada tu hrni yg dok keje tersengguk2 kepala ala2 mamai, mana x nye, dok berjaga tgk bola, berbaloi le pada penyokong Barca ni, ye la Juara 3thn berturut tu, Lin ni x le sangat ikut perkembangan, lg2 setelah kekalahan Chealsea,ermmmm.
Apa2 pun tahniah ler, adat bertanding, menang kalah, kalau x pasrah mana nk ada pemenang nye, tp sedih ler, x dpt mkn pizza MU tu..hahahahahaha..

Barcelona 2 - 0 Manchester United

Venue: Rome

Date: 27 may 2009

Rekod pertemuan lalu:

1. 2007/08 UEFA Champions League semi-finals
Barcelona 0-0 Manchester United
Manchester United 1-0 Barcelona (agg: 1-0)

2. 1998/99 UEFA Champions League group stage
Manchester United 3-3 Barcelona
Barcelona 3-3 Manchester United

3. 1994/95 UEFA Champions League group stage
Manchester United 2-2 Barcelona
Barcelona 4-0 Manchester United

4. 1991 UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup final
Manchester United 2-1 Barcelona

5. 1983/84 UEFA Cup Winner’s Cup quarter-final
Barcelona 2-0 Manchester United
Manchester United 3-0 Barcelona (agg: 3-2)

P/S: Tahniah Barcalona !! MU tetap The Champion!!!
'Chelsea Blues Forever'...muahahahahaha..
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