Purple Lavender Farm..i likeee

Salam semua..

Blink blink mata td dok baca 1 email ni, fuyooo purpleee semua, Lavender Farm, mmg cantikkk sangattt! sukeeeee..kalaulah dpt dok kt rumah ladang tu, oh! betapa bestnyaa laaa dunia ku.
Ehem ehem..ada sapa2 x yg nak sponsor saya ke sana? huhuhuhu...

P/S:Tak dapat ladang Lavender, dpt gi ladang Morning Glory pun jd laa..Janji purple..hehehehe

Purple Lavender Farm..i likeee Purple Lavender Farm..i likeee Reviewed by Sis Lin on Friday, April 02, 2010 Rating: 5


  1. aku pun nak pindah kat sana , JoM!

  2. very amazing!..saya suka bau lavender..tenang kan kak

  3. btul ke semua wrna purple?.. lawa siot..

  4. Kalau ler ni kat Bukit Indah... tak tau ler bagaimana yeee...


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