P1 4G Promotion..!

Assalamualaikum wbt...

Jeng jeng jeng....haaaa cepat! bertukarlah ke P1 4G sekarang!!!! hahahahaha
Mentang2 le kita pakai P1 ni kan, tiap2 minggu ada promotion baru..Semalam dapat email terbaru, bagi siapa yang sedia ada menjadi pelanggan P1 4G, now ada tawaran rekmen kat kawan pastu dapat rm50 potongan kat bill kita.,,sememangnya betullll! Ye ye kawan saya dah 2 orang masuk daftar P1 4G ni, so customer service tu kata, Lin akan dapat potongan tu..yehaaaaaa
Nota: Setakat ni memang kelajuannya sangat puashati dari Streamyx yang dulu...main game tanpa rasa segan silu..hahahahahha

Emailnya bertulis begini:-

Share the P1 4G Furiously Fast broadband experience with your friends anytime, and get
RM50 off your bill when they sign-up to any of our subscription (postpaid) plans.

To find out more, please go to 
The more your friends subscribe to P1, the more rebates you will get - there are no limits!

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P/S: Lepas ni cuba le bagi gift pulak..bagi iPhone ke, iPad ke..heheheheheh

With Love
P1 4G Promotion..! P1 4G Promotion..! Reviewed by Sis Lin on Wednesday, May 11, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. Salam Kenal sis lin jelita,


  2. Melur Jelita: Salam kenal kak... :)

  3. P1 has so many good promotions with great value products and packages. They're good value considering quota plus they always try to continuously update their line up.


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