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Entry omputih malam ni!

Assalamualaikum wbt...

Biasa le, kalau malas datang terus takde entry, bila rajin datang, berderet2 update kuar..kekekeke..
Tadi ingat dah nak log out dah, tapi masuk dapo jap buat lempeng, mr.hubby balik tetiba nak makan lempeng pulak..adushhh baru lepas mandi, dah bau minyak masak huhuhuhu..:p
Demi cinta ku pada mu...lempeng siap ku sajikan untuk suami tersayang..muahahahahahha

Ni bukan nak cakap pasal lempeng tapi nak cakap pasal tajuk kat bawah ni..cer cite cer cite....

Never be number one, second wives told

Haaaa kan dah kata, malam ni entry bahasa omputih? cepat2 amik kamus cepat, kang ada yang tak tahu pulak maknanya..hahahahahha
Ok2..baca slow2 ok...renung2kan dan selamat beramal..hehehehe

Kuala Lumpur (The Star/ANN) - Single mothers who re-marry as the second, third or fourth wife should not try to take the first wife's place, said Malaysian Council of Single Mothers Association (MPITM) president Nor Aini Juffrey.
"Do not try to be number one," she said.
Nor Aini noted that the first wife might have family demands which the second or third wife might not have like children.
This being the case, she said the second or third wife should be willing to accommodate the husband's need to pay more attention to the first wife and her children.
She felt that being considerate would help the wives respect and be in peace with each other.
Nor Aini also commented about the Obedient Wives Club vice-president's statement where the wife had to be like a "first class prostitute" to keep the husband from straying.
"When they are courting couples, they pay so much attention and are naughty with each other; why not spice up the marriage by still being naughty?" she asked.
"When a wife does not fulfil the needs of her husband, including sex, the husband will be inclined to find a naughtier' one outside," she said.
She also said a good marriage should not be confined to bedroom activities alone.
"Couples should also look at outdoor activities like going for family picnics together."

Bukan aku kata..tapi Yahoo kata..

P/S: So bagi sesiapa yang dah jadi no-2,3 atau 4 tu..jangan nak berangan le nak jadi no-1 yek!!! lalalalala Busuk2 macam mana pun, esok laki tu sakit pun, balik rumah bini no-1 jugak....:p BETUL x????

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