5 Cool, New Laptops to Consider

Assalamualaikum wbt...

Makin lama makin canggih semua kan, tapi dalam canggih2 pun, kita kena pakai ikut keperluan dan kemampuan aje, buat apa nak beli yang mahal, kalau sekadar guna untuk bukak blogger.com dan facebook.com hahahahaha..*itu aku le..
Lain le bagi sesiapa yang memang kerjanya menggukan sistem teknologi ni, mesti le nak yang lagi update dan lagi terkini juga canggih..kan kan kan..bagi surirumah macam Lin ni, dah bersyukur le dengan ACER ASPIRE 4530 aku ni ha, dah 3 tahun gunakannya, belum ada sebarang masaalah lagi, tapi tiap2 tahun Lin masukkan anti virus dan format kasi fresh!..he he he dah macam baru kan..kekekeke.
Tapi ni Lin nak berkongsi apa yang Lin baca waktu bukak email Yahoo tu, ermmm tulis omputih, so kowang faham sendiri je la eh..lalalalalala

Sometimes, you don't necessarily need to be a geek to know a good laptop is good. Just read the reviews! 
No, I'm not kidding. Below are five cool, new laptops LifestyleAsia would like you to check out. If you are considering a new acquisition, make sure it has the class and style and functionality of these five below.

1. Sony VAIO Z
We're not going to say much just yet. But this new baby by Sony will be launching real soon.
Well, all right, maybe we'll share with you what we know. The latest Sony VAIO Z is 13.1inch, less than 1.2kg, has a 2.7GHz Intel Core i7 processor and an 8GB RAM. And is that carbonfibre we are looking at?

2. Apple Macbook Pro
There's no doubt everyone needs to own a Macbook at some point in their life. Note: Need, not want. If you are thinking of converting from a PC to Mac, now is actually a good time.
This is going to be quite the investment in terms of upgrades and softwares. But with excellent battery life, new high-end intel proccessor options and AMD graphics, this 15inch MacBook Pro will definitely not disappoint. Then again, they say you can never go wrong with Apple. How true? That's for you to find out.

3. Toshiba Satellite E300

If you are looking for a practical laptop, Toshiba Satellite E300 is the one to get. It may not have the attention-grabbing features like the others here, but this might be the most functional laptop you could be using in a while.

This 14inch laptop offers a good combination specs: second gen Core i5 processor, a 7,200rpm 500GB hard drive and Blu Ray/DVD combo drive. It also has a thinner and slicker look from its predeccesor E205.

4. Samsung Series 9
Thin, sleek and stylish, this 13.3inch lightweight Samsung Series 9 comes with a pretty cool price tag as well (USD$1,650). But with its eye-catching outer casing made of the same material as aircraft, i.e. duralumin, you can expect durability to come with elegance. That's on top of having the new state-of-the-art Intel® Core™ i5 Processor.
Psst... We have heard that its battery life is way better than any laptops you see here, including the Macbook.

5. HP Pavillion dv6
Perfect for the entertainment lover, this HP Pavillion dv6 has incorporated exclusive Beats Audio technology as well as optimised quad speakers. Slightly leaning towards the masculine side, it has a 15.6inch screen and wide keyboard. This 640GB hard drive laptop runs on top-end AMD quad-core processor and 6GB memory.
Another cool feature to it: HP SimplePass, a secure access to online accounts and passwords with a swipe of a finger. If you have 10 fingers, you can create 10 different accounts with all of them! 

So....mana satu pilihan kalbu kowang??? he he he he

P/S: Ni baru laptop..belum lagi camera pulak..aishhhhh tang camera tu Lin pun ada impian nak rembat gak 1..he he he he


  1. Amir: apple? nak yg hijau ke yang merah? hahahaa *gurau jek...

    Sis pakai ACER..dah 3 thn lor..hehehe so far so good..

  2. saya pakaii si biru ni je skang ni... setia lagi... heheheh..

  3. Meck: Yup..alah membeli menang memakai kannnn... :)

  4. Sunah: Yup Sunah punya brand sama dgn sis..ACER...dh 3 thn pakai, so far so good..hehehehehe...

    KO jgn ada niat curang...nnti dia rosak!!! ha ha ha ha


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