Spontaneous Thursday #12: LGBTIQs

Assalamualaikum wbt...

" Let us not hate, but extend our hands to help the LGBTIQs (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual, Intersexual and Queer). They might refuse to take our hands, but we shall keep on trying.They're our brothers & sisters." via Prof DrHarlina Halizah Siraj

Apa itu Spontaneous Thursday? 

P/S: Sesungguhnya manusia diciptakan oleh Allah berpasang-pasangan (lelaki & perempuan)..

Spontaneous Thursday #12: LGBTIQs Spontaneous Thursday #12: LGBTIQs Reviewed by Sis Lin on Thursday, November 10, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. ermm..betul tu...jangan benti mengajak diorang kembali kepada fitrah!

  2. NICE BLOG....pakjoe nk bg tau nie pakjoe ada byk lg tip blog yg nk bg kt tuan blog jemput siggah ke laman blpg pakjoe jgn lpa tau sbb pakjoe dh follow...follow pakjoe blk tau hahaha

  3. Sunah: Betul tu Sunah...A-Minnn

  4. Cerita Best: Thankx Pak Joe..nanti saya skodeng, nanti saya main masuk aje ye, tak payah ketuk pintu..heheh :p

  5. Iffah: Terima kasih adik ku Iffah.. :)
    Mari kita sama2 membantu..

  6. Makkk TULEN nokkk :)

    Iman dan taqwa..

  7. Oh Oeya: Hahahahaa memang ar tulen tp mjgn cari yg tulen sejenis tau! auwwwwwww :p


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