PROTON PREVE: Proton’s P3-21A

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Tak tengok lagi face to face dan tak test drive lagi, baru preview saja, nanti 16/4 baru perasmiannya, lepas tu baru boleh komen panjang lebar, so kali ni kita buat entry preview c&p saja dulu ye..layannnnnnnnnn...

The name of Proton’s P3-21A was officially confirmed yesterday, and the date of its arrival has also been mentioned – the Prevé is set to be launched by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak on April 16. 
The Prevé is built on the P2 platform, which is currently used by the Exora. This makes the P2 platform the base in which all larger-sized Protons will be built on.
It will also be used for the Exora replacement, code named P6-XXA, due about five years down the road. As for B-segment cars, Proton will be utilising the P1 platform, which is yet to be revealed. 
At the preview, Proton revealed its plans in other cars, based on these two platforms – there’s the P3-22A, a hatchback that’s next on the list, as well as the P3-30A, P3-31A and P3-32A.
So, if you add in the Prevé and the P6-XXA to the list, you’ll get six cars in total. It’s unclear as to how the other four will shape up, but the streamline to have two platforms and six products will be achieved by 2014.

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P/S: Tahun berganti tahun, makin lama makin maju dan canggih kereta buatan Malaysia ni kan..*toing3x tabik spring!!!..

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