Assalamualaikum wbt..

'Seminat Sihat Sepanjang Hayat Bersama Prof Dato'Dr Noordin Idrus'
Tarikh: Ahad, 5.5.2012
Jam: 2pm - 5pm.
Tempat: Di The Zon,JB.

'Apabila air menjadi penawar, ramai yang tidak percaya, hakikatnya...
....dan dari air, Kami jadikan sesuatu yang hidup'... 
(Al-Anbiya’ : 30)

Kami berempat Sarah, Midah dan Lin juga suami Midah..Dr satu seminar ke satu seminar, walaupun terkejar2 dan letih tapi kami puas!!! 
Terima kasih buat semua..

Rx-Water was discovered by Dr. Noordin Darus, a medical doctor, a renowned wellness guru and water therapy specialist, when he was struck by blood cancer or lymphoma and can only live for few more months. As he underwent severe suffering due to the side effects from the treatment and medication, he felt inspired by god to use water as a solution. Water from this special filtration system helped him to recover from the cancer within few months only. Feeling responsible to share this breakthrough the others, he worked to propagate The Aura Healing Rx-Water therapy.
Most of health problems can be overcome by healthy lifestyle such as exercising, dieting, avoiding stress, sufficient rest and many more.
But, how many of us that really cares about their lifestyle? And how many of us that falls sick caused from wealth.

Ingin tau lebih lanjut mengenainya, klik dan baca di SINI juga di SINI

P/S: "Jika sihat itu mahal, cubalah sakit." - Dr. Noordin

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  1. seminar yg best mesti tak bosan...


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