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Hehehe *senyum2 sinis waktu nak update ni*, tapi jangan salah faham, sekadar nak berkongsi saja apa yang berlaku di luar sana dan kenapa ianya berlaku, dan juga sedikit sebanyak ianya ada berkaitan dengan wanita.
Sebenarnya kalau bercakap pasal 'BRA' ni atau 'coli' dan lebih senang dipanggil 'baju dalam' memang berkait rapat dengan wanita, bukan sebagai pakaian dalaman saja tapi ianya sangat berkait rapat dengan kesihatan dan penjagaan diri wanita. Ingat jual kat pasaran tu macam2 fesyen dan warna, wanita saja beli atau saja pakai sebab kena pakai? Tidak sebenarnya, kalau nak ikutkan tak pakai pun tak apa, sebabnya ianya sebagai menutup aurat dalaman dan juga tampungan atau support untuk payudara sahaja, tapi kalau tak pakai kang,ermmm juling bijik mata jantan2 diluar sana tu..huh!kannnnnnnn..
Sebab itu pakaian dalam (bra) wanita ini kena beli dan pakai yang bersesuai dan selesa juga kena jaga kebersihan juga penjagaannya agar tidak mendatangkan sebarang penyakit dan mudarat kepada payudara wanita itu terutamanya penyakit kanser payudara, takutkannnnn...
So bila terbaca Amerika buat hari tanpa bra ni, Lin sokong sangat2!!..sebabnya, hanya wanita saja yang tau keselesaannya ketka TIDAK MEMAKAI BRA!!..sekian..

image search dr google.

Thousands of American women will be going without support today because it is the National No Bra Day. The day is dedicated for women to be free of one of the most uncomfortable clothing items they are forced to wear.
Hazelwood Patch notes that the day is not getting much coverage in the mainstream media, but with the spell of unusually hot weather in the United States, National No Bra Day should bring opportunity for all women to be free, if only for just a day.

According to the National No Bra Day website:

Ladies, free your breasts for 24 hours by removing those dreadful (but at times oh-so-helpful) bras. Our perkiness should not be hidden. It is time that the world see what we were blessed with. Your breasts might be colossal, adorable, miniature, full, jiggly, fancy, sensitive, glistening, bouncy, smooth, tender, still blossoming, rosy, plump, fun, silky, Jello-like, fierce, jolly, nice, naughty, cuddly… But the most used word to describe your breasts on July 9th should be FREE!
Gentlemen, you can participate too! Your job will be to support us ladies by rocking something purple. It can be a purple tie, purple boxers, purple socks, the NNBD button or t-shirt.. If it is purple or with the NNBD logo, it supports us. (Your support means quite a lot to us…)
If wearing a bra on this day is absolutely necessary, you can definitely show your support by wearing something purple.
MSN Now reports that more than 250,000 women have indicated support for the day on Facebook. Hazelwood Patch says all you have to do to support National No Bra Day is "hang loose."
The National No Bra Day Facebook page advises women who must wear bra today to show support by wearing something purple or green.

P/S: Sila jangan salah faham dengan entry ini ye, **gelak takpe..TQ


  1. kat negara luar agaknya meriahla lelaki jamu mata kot sis lin

  2. semalam ke??? alaaaa...terlambattt....wakakaka...

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