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Love for Parents Continues on Father’s Day
SDS Introduces Special Array of Treats for Parents’ Day.

Father’s Day is only days away yet no idea on what to surprise your daddy? SDS has the best solution for you with high popularity Father’s Day special cakes and cafe meal introduced for a heart-warming Parents’ Day celebration with parents from now till 17th June 2018, Father’s Day.
Father is mostly recognized as the pillar supporting the whole family. Father’s Day is created to appreciate father’s effort in raising family. As Father’s Day is set to be a month after Mother’s Day, most of the time, families would neglect the celebration of Father’s Day, and only paying attention to cheer up mother.
In order to strengthen family bonding with father, SDS has introduced 6 exquisite cakes in this Father’s Day, ranging from RM62 to RM85 accordingly, for customers to express their love for dad, the pillar of family.

Caramel Kisses
One of the delicate cakes introduced by SDS for Father’s Day celebration is known as “Caramel Kisses”, the new flavour mirror glaze cake which baked with chocolate sponge and caramel mousse. 

Best Daddy
In order to present healthier choice for daddy, “Best Daddy”, baked with red velvet sponge and chocolate mousse is also introduced by SDS. 

My Lovely Dad
Besides, photogenic cake with attractive suit’s design, “My Lovely Dad”, chocolate hazelnut sponge with fondant belcolade chocolate. 

Fruit Frenzy
And all-time favourites “Fruit Frenzy”, vanilla pandan sponge with mixed fruit filling, are also available for Father’s Day celebration.

Hero Dad
Apart from that, two Gelato cake selections which cater the hot weather in June, “Hero Dad”, chocolate sponge with cookies and cream gelato coated with chocolate ganache. 

King of Kingdom
And “King of Kingdom”, vanilla sponge with musang king durian gelato, are available at SDS on this Father’s Day.

“There’s nothing a yummy cake can’t do to make days made for parents sweeter,” said Ms. Alice Loh, Marketing Manager of SDS.
“In continuation of tremendously good response during Mother’s Day celebration, we encourage children to seize the opportunity on Father’s Day, to continuously showing their love and appreciation to daddy, realize a loving Parents’ Day.”

SDS Father’s Day cakes are available for online purchase at SDS official website, Customers can key in promo code “SDSPARENT18” during check-out at SDS official website to enjoy 10% off on Father’s Day cakes.
According to Ms. Alice, marvellous Parents’ Day meal including “Herbal Spring Chicken Soup”, “Nyonya Style Clam”, “Mongolian Chicken”, “Salted Egg Prawn” and many more, ranges from RM55.90++ to RM95.90++ are available at SDS Cafe from 1st May to 17th June 2018.

“Fathers always stand by us and protect the family silently. In this Parents’ Day, we have provided a platform for our customers to show their love for dad with participation in “SDS Love for Dad Contest”, and reward lucky winners with free Parents’ Day meal.” Ms. Alice added.
According to Ms. Alice, numerous participants have uploaded family photo taken with their father when dine-in at SDS from 10th to 14th May 2018. 10 lucky winners will be rewarded free SDS Parents’ Day meal for 4 persons worth RM75.90++, which is available for redemption during Father’s Day.
Log on to SDS official Facebook page at for further information on SDS Parents’ Day series.

With total 27 outlets, SDS outlets in Johor are located at Paradigm Mall JB (NEWEST), AEON Bandar Dato’ Onn, AEON Tebrau City (Fanpekka Cafe), Johor Jaya, JB City Square, AEON Kulaijaya, Taman Perling, Taman Universiti, Kota Tinggi, KSL City Mall, AEON Bukit Indah, Larkin Sentral, Plaza Pelangi, S’Mart, Giant Plentong, Masai, Ulu Tiram, Kota Raya, Kangkar Pulai, Setia Indah, Kota Masai, and
SDS Bakery at La Boheme AEON Tebrau City, AEON Kulaijaya, AEON Permas Jaya, AEON Bukit Indah, AEON Taman Universiti, and AEON Bandar Dato’ Onn.

SDS is the retail subsidiary of SDS Groups. As a Johor home-grown company, SDS Groups develop its business with three subsidiary brands including SDS, wholesale subsidiaries Top Baker and Daily’s Bakery. Top Baker and Daily’s Bakery are bakery product suppliers and wholesalers delivering delectable bread to Nationwide daily. New factory launched in Seremban has begun its operation producing products.

SDS which is well-recognized in Johor region for its quality confectionery products valuable for money and excellent customer service. Since 1987, SDS continuously invents new creations monthly to keep customer’s excitement in SDS products. Aligned with the Share, Dine, Smile motto – SDS envisions to give its valued customer the most unique and enjoyable dining experience.

The wide array of SDS confectionery includes bread, pastries, cakes, western food, local food, casual dining, coffee and beverages, buffet catering, festive cookies and hampers, mooncakes, baby full moon and wedding gift sets. 

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They take care of us since we born. They educate us to become an upright person. They love us unconditionally. They are our PARENTs. It’s time for us to tell them we love them. 
Celebrate Parent’s Day with SDS Parent’s Day Special. 
Luxurious Parent’s Day specials, 

P/S: Bulam Mei ni memang banyak sambutan 'HARI" he he he he kannnnn...


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