HARMONIOUS BUKA PUASA WITH SDS RAMADHAN OFFERS | SDS introduces complete Ramadhan and Hari Raya Products for dine-in and takeaway. The most blessed month for Muslim has arrived. SDS has prepared cosy dining experience and special take away meal sets as well as pound cake offer till end of Hari Raya.

Four new selections of Selera Meal, priced RM16.90 onwards are served to dine-in customers till 30th June 2018. All sets are completed with refreshing beverage.
Selera Meal introduced by SDS is mainly served with Arab style rice with four main dish selections. For chicky lover, Nasi Arab Style with Pandan Chicken Wholeleg and Nasi Arab Style with Ayam Kicap (Spring Chicken) would be the perfect choice for fast breaking. Beside crispy chicken, SDS customers who love “sea-licious”, may “sahur” Nasi Arab Style with Sambal Seafood or Nasi Arab Style with Ikan Bakar (Tilapia) after a day’s fast.

“There’s nothing better than conclude a day’s fast with good food,” said Ms. Alice Loh, Marketing Manager of SDS.
“Feasting with friends and family after a day’s fast is the perfect time to strengthen bonding. Not only Selera Meal, we have also introduced pound cake promotion to cheer up the joyous atmosphere of “Buka Puasa”.”

This Ramadhan, SDS customers may enjoy Pandan Chiffon at 2 for RM9.90. Mix and match pound cakes at 2 for RM12.50, including Green Tea Chiffon, Butter Mocca Layer, Walnut Butter, Choco Chip Pound, Banana cake and Golden Almond, is also available at SDS.

Apart from Selera Meal, SDS has also introduced Ramadhan Take Away menu. There are six selections, ranging from RM7.90 onwards for people breaking the fast with family at home. Lip-smacking choices including Spicy Curry Fried Rice with Chicken Wing, Arabian Spice Fried Rice with Chicken Wing, and Kunyit Fried Rice with Chicken Wing. Besides, pasta lover may take away SDS signature Chicken Bolognese, Mushroom Aglio Olio, or Carbonara at special offer price.

SDS Ramadhan Selera Meal and Take Away menu are available at any SDS outlets located at AEON Tebrau City (FANPEKKA Café), Taman Johor Jaya, City Square, Kota Tinggi, Taman Perling, AEON Kulaijaya, AEON Bandar Dato’ Onn, Taman Universiti, Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru, KSL City, and AEON Bukit Indah.

Raya shopping mood has started during Puasa period. This year, SDS has introduced new Raya Cookies, namely Mexico Cheese, coated with chocolate and coconut husk. All-time favourite cookies, Nyonya Pineapple Cookies, Almond Flakes, Chocolate Cookies, Peanut Cookies, Melting Almond Cookies, Raisin Oat Cookies, and Makmor Cookies are available from RM29.05 to RM32.83. SDS premium Raya cookies are packed in Raya themed tin can specially designed for the festive celebration.

Tasty Kuih Lapis which seems to be absolutely necessary for joyous Raya celebration are introduced by SDS too. Kuih Lapis is available at SDS from RM34.71 to RM68.67. Tasty Kuih Lapis introduced included newest flavour, Pandan Kuih Lapis which is special for Raya themed, all-time favourite Prune Kuih Lapis and original Kuih Lapis.

“It is meaningful to send regards to friends and relatives during Hari Raya, especially those we’re unable to meet often.” Ms. Alice added.

According to Ms. Alice, SDS has launched six selections of Blessing Hamper for Raya home visits. Containing mainly Raya cookies, SDS Blessing Hamper is available from RM92.45 to RM271.69. One of the significant hamper introduced is known as Lebaran Hamper, which has included 7 types SDS cookies and Bird Nest as the premium item, sold at RM224.52. Besides, luxurious hamper introduced by SDS, Sempurna Hamper has also included 7 types of cookies, and a box of Vouchelle Chocolate wrapped in exquisite packaging, available at RM271.69. Hampers are available in store.

“To make hamper ordering more convenient, customers can now make purchase on SDS website. Free hamper delivery service is available to Johor Bahru, Kota Tinggi and Kulai with hamper purchase above RM300.” Commented Ms. Alice.

SDS Blessing Hamper is available for online ordering at SDS official website http://sdsgroups.com/festive/hari-raya-hamper/ . Hamper discounts are available for bulk purchase.
Birthday cakes are also available online with 10% discount for ease of shopping.

“With the effective of zero-rated GST since 1st June, customers are able to get SDS Raya products at a lower price, and we believe this can pretty much help them to ease the festive shopping burden,” Ms Alice added.

Walk-in any of SDS 27 outlets for Ramadhan and Raya offers located at Paradigm Mall JB(NEWEST), AEON Bandar Dato’ Onn, AEON Tebrau City (Fanpekka Cafe), Johor Jaya, JB City Square, AEON Kulaijaya, Taman Perling, Taman Universiti, Kota Tinggi, KSL City Mall, AEON Bukit Indah, Larkin Sentral, Plaza Pelangi, S’Mart, Giant Plentong, Masai, Ulu Tiram, Kota Raya, Kangkar Pulai, Setia Indah, Kota Masai, and SDS Bakery at La Boheme AEON Tebrau City, AEON Kulaijaya, AEON Permas Jaya, AEON Bukit Indah, AEON Taman Universiti, and AEON Bandar Dato’ Onn.

SDS is the retail subsidiary of SDS Groups. As a Johor home-grown company, SDS Groups develop its business with three subsidiary brands including SDS, wholesale subsidiaries Top Baker and Daily’s Bakery. Top Baker and Daily’s Bakery are bakery product suppliers and wholesalers delivering delectable bread to Nationwide daily. New factory launched in Seremban has begun its operation producing products.

SDS which is well-recognized in Johor region for its quality confectionery products valuable for money and excellent customer service. Since 1987, SDS continuously invents new creations monthly to keep customer’s excitement in SDS products. Aligned with the Share, Dine, Smile motto – SDS envisions to give its valued customer the most unique and enjoyable dining experience.
The wide array of SDS confectionery includes bread, pastries, cakes, western food, local food, casual dining, coffee and beverages, buffet catering, festive cookies and hampers, mooncakes, baby full moon and wedding gift sets. 

Official website www.sdsgroups.com
Official Facebook www.facebook.com/sdsgroups
Official hashtags: #sdsgroups #ilovesds

P/S: Pandan cake dia dan nasi arab ayam kicap dia sedap! Paling suka RV Cake dia..mabelesss...


  1. tak pernah lagi jejak kaki ke SDS ni..nmpk menu semua sedap dan menyelerakan...

    1. Ye @CikTom menu dia semua sedap-sedap dan harga pun berbaloi. Sis suka ke sini sebab tempatnya tu agak privacy hehehe


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