REGENCY SPECIALIST HOSPITAL UNVEILS NEW LOGO | RENEWS COMMITMENT TO BUILDING A HEALTHIER SOCIETY | JOHOR, 27 JUNE 2018 – Regency Specialist Hospital (Regency) celebrated a key milestone today by unveiling its new look. From a humble start, Regency today has evolved into a progressive tertiary hospital within its short history of nine years.

With a refreshed look, Regency and its sister hospital, Mahkota Medical Centre, will share the same logo. The two brands come together as one group, signifying a stronger network with a shared mission to better serve patients in Malaysia and the region. 
Regency’s new logo in green stands for sustainability and it is the colour for growth. The round sphere represents the globe, our world; depicting unity, oneness and togetherness. Inside it, the visual of a hand represents five fingers, beholding the world steadily and gently.

Yang Berbahagia Datuk Ismail Ibrahim, the Chief Executive of Iskandar Regional Development Authority unveils Regency Specialist Hospital’s new look.
New look and same brand identity with sister hospital, Mahkota Medical Centre, Melaka, and a shared mission to provide quality medical care to patients in Malaysia and the region. 
New vision for Regency Specialist Hosptial to be the most comprehensive care hospital in South East Asia.

Ms Chin Wei Jia, Managing Director of Regency said, “With our new look, our new vision for Regency Specialist Hospital is to be the most comprehensive care hospital not only in Johor, but also in South East Asia. Regency sees more than 150,000 patients annually, and has seen an annualised growth rate of 22 percent since its launch in 2009. Moving forward, Regency will invest in the continuous development of Centres of Excellence in Emergency & Trauma, Heart & Lung, Neurosurgery, Digestive Health and Woman & Children.”

Regency is currently the only private hospital in Malaysia with emergency specialists on duty round the clock. It is also the only hospital in Southern Malaysia offering adult Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) therapy to provide prolonged cardiac and respiratory support for patients with heart and lungs that are unable to provide an adequate amount of gas exchange or perfusion to sustain life. 

Regency is also the first hospital in Johor Bahru approved by Ministry of Health, Singapore for the use of Medisave overseas for permitted hospitalisation and day surgeries.
To date, Regency has 70 specialists supported by a team of nurses and allied healthcare professionals. Equipped with modern medical facilities, Regency continues to focus on providing quality and personalised patient care not only to its patients but also to the community. 

Speaking at the event, Yang Berbahagia Datuk Ismail Ibrahim, Chief Executive of Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA) said, “As of 31 March 2018, the healthcare sector has contributed RM 4.11 billion from a total of RM 262 billion committed investments in Iskandar Malaysia. 

As guided by the Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) of Iskandar Malaysia, healthcare service is recognised as one of the promoted sectors that will support to accelerate this strategically located economic region to deliver a holistic living environment to its community whilst positioning itself in becoming the ASEAN regional hub for the medical tourism industry.

Having esteemed healthcare providers such as Regency Specialist Hospital, it has paved the way in attracting more patients from ASEAN countries such as Singapore and Indonesia, continuously contributing to the growth of medical tourism industry in Iskandar Malaysia.” 

Datuk Ismail added that this sector also continues to create job opportunities for local talents and businesses as well as providing the locals with a comprehensive exposure of the latest healthcare research and advanced technology.

Future Expansions

To meet the growing demands from its patients, Regency has planned for a new extension block which will double its bed capacity to a 500-bed hospital.

Ms Chin concluded, “With a refreshed logo and renewed commitment, Regency Specialist Hospital will continue in its mission to move forward into the future, combining advanced healthcare services with heart felt human touch. This commitment is encapsulated by our new motto – Hands that treat, Hearts that heal. 
At Regency, we strongly believe in contribution to the communities we serve, and our new community pledge is – Together, we build a healthier society. We look forward to organising more professional continuing education programmes for doctors and nurses, and more health talks as well as health awareness and education activities for the public in our bid towards improving everyone’s health, not just that of our patients. 
Together and stronger as one Group, we seek to deliver better quality, better care, and ultimately better lives for our patients and our community.”

Brand relaunch and Hari Raya Open House . 


Located in thriving Iskandar Malaysia, Regency is a 218-bed capacity tertiary hospital with 70 specialists and sees over 150,000 patients a year. It is a private hospital with 24-hour A&E manned by emergency specialists. Established in 2009, Regency is rapidly expanding. The hospital is conveniently located 15 minutes from the Woodlands causeway and is approved for Singapore Medisave use. 

Regency is the sister hospital of Mahkota Medical Centre in Melaka, and is part of the HMI Group. 

For more information about Regency, please visit

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