THE DO'S AND DON'T OF MIXING METALS |  Toothpaste and orange juice. Taylor Swift and relationships. Oil and a flame. We’ve all heard of things that just don’t mix well together. Mixing metals has often been touted as a headache waiting to happen. However, dispose of that outdated advice. Sometimes, mixing metals can be like peanut butter and jelly: harmonious and just right. When it is done properly, a combination of different metals can peacefully coexist while concurrently adding visual interest, depth and dimension to a space. 

It can be just the thing you need to give your space a textured, layered and eclectic touch that makes it look like the pieces in your space and home have been collected over the years… As long as you do it right, that is. So, if you’ve found the perfect land for sale in Selangor and are already planning on the home of your dreams, take some time out to think about the design aspects of it. Don’t go rushing in with a handful of half-baked ideas and end up turning your space into a garish steam-punk inspired mess. Read on for some tips on the do’s and don’ts of mixing metals.

Do : Choose a dominant metal

When you have a mixture of metals, it helps if you choose one of the metals to be the dominant character in your play of metals. This metal will be the most prominent of finishes in your space, while playing off of the other one or two metal accents. This grounds your space and helps put the focus on the finishes rather than fact that your space is a mixture of metals. For example, if most of the hardware in your kitchen is in oil-brushed bronze, you can add in copper pots and other accent pieces to give your space a warm glow.

Don’t : Be afraid to mix warm and cool tones

You might think that matching your metal finishes is the best way to coordinate your home, but in reality, what this ends you up with is a monochromatic and dated look. Don’t shy away from mixing warm (like gold, brass and nickel) and cool (like silver and chrome) metals. The truth is, they can all work and go together as long as there is clear design intent behind it. Instead of worrying if metals are meant to be mixed, make sure that each metal finish you choose is a well-thought-out addition to your space. We do advise that you not choose metallic tones that are similar but not identical, lest your space look like a mistake instead of intent. 

source: Sally Wheat Interiors

Do : Consider your color palette

While it is a good idea to mix and match metals, the important thing is that you need to consider your color palette when selecting the types of metals for your space. Usually, you should match warm metals with warm hues and cool metals with cool hues. However, this may not always be the case. For example, in neutral rooms, you will need more metallic accents in order to bring in more warmth, or texture, or color. Your metals can also be used to balance out your space. For example, a gold mirror can be a good accent piece that brings out the warmth in a cool grey room. This helps even out your “temperature” and makes your room come to life.

Don’t : Disregard texture

As with any design endeavor, you should not forget to consider the role texture plays. A space filled with similarly-finished metals can be a boring sight. Instead, use differences in texture to bring out the fullest potential from mixing metals. You should consider combining matte, polished and also hammered finishes to not only add visual weight, but also create a truly visually rich atmosphere in any space.

photo source:

Do : Use natural iron as a neutral

In the metallic world, iron is considered as a neutral. It has many roles and uses, in that it adds a modern yet industrial touch to a color palette that needs to be grounded or toned down. Iron is a dark element that will usually not clash with any other metal tones. Furthermore, it’s plain and neutral color highlights other warmer metals, such as gold and brass, as a much stronger pop of color.

Do : Keep it subtle

The idea with mixing metals is that it should complement the design and décor elements of your space, and not become the center of attention. For example, you can mix silver and gold, but they should never compete for attention visually. Use the idea of mixing metals as a method of adding dynamic to a room that is otherwise simple. For example, if you have a symmetrical furniture and décor placement, try incorporating some gold in the form of the legs a coffee table, and adding a silver-framed mirror to your walls. Try to match them with other architectural elements of your space. Use the silver to bring out the white in the walls, and the gold to highlight the earthy tones of the carpet. This gives your space a sense of harmony and flow.

Don’t : Put the pedal to the metal

While you are free to play around with the metals in your home, remember to keep yourself grounded and not go too overboard. Here’s a safe guideline: stick to two finishes. There is potential for three metals if it is a statement piece, or if you have a larger space where the two metal elements are more spread out. However, ideally you would want to just stick to two types of metals: one more prominent in tone and the other as an accent.

source: (left) and (right)

When using metals, don’t forget to consider texture. Texture can make all of the different in a space with mixed metals. Combine matte, polished, and hammered finishes to create a visually rich atmosphere.

P/S: Bilalah rumah Sis nak buat deko macamtu, masih lagi konsep 'merah' huhuhu ..


  1. samalah..kita pun teringin oi nak deco cantik macam tu

    1. Kannnn, macam aku Suami tak suka deko gini @SitiRohaida huhuhu redha ajelah dengan dia punya taste ..

  2. oooo...ada juga pantang larangnye nak siapkan rumah yang cantik ni ye..macam feng shui jugak la kan..

    1. Ye @Sunah betul tu, bukan sembarang-sembarang deko dan main letak aje hehehe


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