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HAPPINESS IS SIMPLE. KEEP IT SIMPLE | Life appears so complicated at times, but happiness is really not as illusive as we have been led to believe. It seems we humans have been so deeply programed to make our pursuit of happiness so complicated. First of all, happiness is not a pursuit. It is the essence of our being. It’s not about doing anything. 

Happiness is… Laughing so hard your side hurts. Knowing that somebody misses you. Making homemade cookies. Hearing from an old friend. Seeing a kid laugh after he farts. Eating a hearty meal then taking a nap. A full tank of gas. The beach. A long, hot shower. Finding a good sale. A cupcake. Hot chocolate with whipped cream. All green lights on your morning commute. Getting something unexpected in the mail. Laughing for no reason with your kids. Free online shipping. A good book. No line at the grocery store. Finding a parking place up front. Holiday decorations. Fresh-squeezed lemonade. The perfect handbag. Eye contact with someone. Waking up and realizing you have two hours to lay in bed before you have to get up. Hearing your favorite song on the radio. Writing. Falling in love. A keyboard that lights up in the dark. Knowing you’ve done the right thing.

You can spend a lifetime chasing things you think will make you cheese, but open your eyes to the beautiful world around you. No matter what comes at you in life, find joy in simplicity. Don’t let negative situations or people become you. Attitudes are contagious; spread joy!
“The best feeling in the world is realizing that you’re perfectly happy without the thing you thought you needed.” - Marxie

Sometimes its really hard to choose your happiness because old trapped emotions and associated negative beliefs have piled up for a long time creating a seemingly out of control momentum. 
 Get help.

P/S: BAHAGIA itu PILIHAN . Cari kebahagiaan sendiri. JANGAN cipta kebahagiaan di atas penderitaan orang lain .


  1. kan!simple asalkan kita bahagia!

  2. yes bahagia tu pilihan, buatlah piliha yang bijak

    1. Betul tu @Shafyqah..asalkan bukan bahagia di atas penderitaan orang lain ..

  3. Replies
    1. @Akashah betul tu, bahagia itu pilihan..

  4. find joy in simplicity! sebab tuhh kite gelakkk je manjang...hahhahaa...

    1. Setuju..happy go luck, sorokkan kesedihan, tunjukkan kebahagiaan, kan @Farahain..

  5. and sometimes to get one truly happiness needs a long journey..

    1. Betul @Sunah, sebab tu kata bahagia itu pilihan, sendiri cari kebahagiaan..walaupun kena jelajah satu benua sekalipun hehehe


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