HOW TO BE POSITIVE AND HAPPY | Have you heard about the power of positive thinking?
Have you wondered if learning how to be positive is going to make any difference?
Positive thinking is not just some woo-woo new age thinking. It is something that has been around for a very, very long time. This timeless (and scientifically proven) wisdom WILL change your life.

How Emotions Affect Your Life

You have probably experienced something like this: you’re feeling good, and then you get a tearful phone call from a friend who has just been dumped by her boyfriend. She’s hurt, angry, and bitter, and even over the phone, her negativity comes through and affects you. Of course, you’re trying to make your friend feel better, but you inadvertently allow her mood to affect yours – so by the time you get off the phone, you are carrying around the energies of hurt, anger and bitterness! You spend the rest of the day in a funk.

Or, you walk into a store to exchange a defective item. The customer service clerk is not very friendly. In fact, he is quite surly. However, you choose not to get caught up in his negativity. Instead, you put on a cheerful smile, speak in a calm voice, even make some small talk, and acknowledge his kind assistance (even if he is being rude). Before you know it, he’s going out of his way to find an in-house replacement instead of ordering one, just so you can have your item right away.

These are just two examples of how emotions can change in a flash. You know that you are affected by other people’s emotions and you can influence their emotions as well.
However – when you learn to be positive, you change your life instantly. Yes, instantly. Your life experience becomes better because you choose to make it so; and then vibrationally, you will attract more to be enthusiastic about!

Your Emotions Dictate Your Results

Even though your emotions seem to be brought on by external circumstances, ultimately, your mood is a choice. No matter what is going on around you, no matter how turbulent or unpleasant the circumstances or other people’s moods, you have a choice either to lower your vibration to that level… or raise theirs.

Which one will bring about a happier solution?

You guessed it!
There is a very real cause and effect connection between your emotions and your circumstances. Negative thoughts and emotions lower your vibration (very quickly) and you begin attracting similar energies.
Not only does negative thinking/feeling attract similar energies, it also causes you to behave in ways you would not, if you were choosing to feel happy.

For example, a person who has a tendency to seek comfort in food, will naturally overeat when they’re stressed or upset. This leads to weight gain and opens up a whole new set of problems due to being overweight. If that person chose to be happy instead, they would make better food choices and manage their weight more easily.
Think about what you do to self-soothe when things are rough. Turning to drugs, alcohol and other escapist activities will have generally negative consequences.

Attracting and creating negative circumstances is the last thing you want. So look around at your circumstances. If they are generally pleasing to you, then you can be sure that for the most part, your mindset (thinking and emotions) is positive. If they are generally unpleasant, then you can use an attitude upgrade!

An attitude upgrade will make life flow easier.

Of course you’re allowed mood swings. You don’t want to turn into an emotionless robot! However, consider that your circumstances are brought about as a direct result of your baseline, or everyday, mental/emotional state. In other words, your circumstances result from your predominant vibration.
You can raise that baseline mindset, and attract better things, situations and people into your life. For more information on how to do that, check out the Love or Above Spiritual Toolkit.

Here are a few ways how to be more positive, and return to your baseline of happiness very quickly:

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond to it.” – Lou Holtz.

1. Be a mirror

You don’t have to take on other people’s negativity. Deflect it by choosing to remain happy! Avoid getting sucked into conversations that talk about negative situations or negative people. You can just say, “Let’s not make any rash judgments. Let’s meditate on what happened and talk about it later.” Later might not happen!

If the other person has a chance to think about it, he/she may realize that they are making drama out of nothing. Or, they may pick up on the fact that you don’t want to talk about it. And that’s okay! Friends are there to support each other, not to perpetuate each others’ negativity.

Sometimes the best thing you can do as a friend is to listen, and repeat back what the person said – without adding your own commentary. This effectively deflects negativity and almost always makes the person realize just what they are saying.

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” – Maya Angelou.

2. Choose to be positive

No matter your attitude, its results become a self-fulfilling prophecy. There’s nothing you can do about that. You attract what you project. You have an amazing ability to completely transform any situation just by the way you approach it!

3. See the positives, see the good

Nothing says that you can’t feel emotions, but if you step back, count slowly to ten before you do anything and then choose to see the bright side, the hidden blessings, the lessons and the opportunities, then you will not be so easily swayed by things that happen.

4. Smile more!

Smiling automatically and instantly makes you feel better.
Choose a positive, confident and cheerful attitude and see how your world changes for the better! You can be a ray of sunshine that will influence others – including yourself. People are drawn to those with a sunny disposition!

P/S: Ada masa kita kena juga sesuatu yang negatif, agar diri kita kena beringat! Betul tak? Haaa apalagi  tepukkkkk..


  1. dulu masa sha broken, sha memang ambik langkah jadi positif dan alhamduliilah, everything ok now ~

    1. Betul @Shafyqah, kita kalau set minda kita negetif, semua benda kita nampak negetif, kalau kita set positif, semua jd positif. Cuma ada certain kita kena juga fikir negetif..

  2. smile more..haaa,kes tuhh ain senyumm dan pakej gelakk bersama.hahhahahaa...

    1. Hahahaha senyum dan gelak mesti seiring @Farahain, jangan sengih je, kang kata tak waras hahahaha


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