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LARGEST INDOOR THEME PARK IN SOUTHEAST ASIA IN JOHOR BAHRU | MCM Studio is the LARGEST indoor theme park in Southeast Asia located in the heart of Johor Bahru at Capital City, Tampoi, one of the finest entertainment hubs in Malaysia. 

'Theme Park for All' makes it the most ideal place to hold all sorts of occasions & closed events including private, education, corporate, goverment, wedding and countless other events. 

Capital City:

- one of the finest entertainment mall in Malaysia
- 1.5million square feet
- under Capital City, we have the entertainment mall (European and Australian theme and decor), MCM Studio (Level 3-10), Hilton Garden Inn (abt 200 rooms), service apartments Neo, Geo & Reo.
- Mall is expected to open on 25 October 2018

MCM (Movie Cartoon Music) Studio:

- The Largest Indoor Theme Park in South East Asia with 525,000 square feet .

The Largest Indoor Theme Park in Southeast Asia
The mall’s 3rd and 4th floors will be home to the world’s 5th largest theme park, named MCM Studios. It will feature an indoor circus with live musical acts, a haunted house and virtual reality rides – all within three themed ‘Planets”. 
MCM Studio will be "The Largest Indoor Theme Park in Southeast Asia" with 525,000 square feet

Cartoon Planet (Level 4)
MCM Cartoon Planet at Level 4 is 200,000 square feet, with 25 attractions and rides, 2 retail outlets, 5 F&B outlets. 
The rides at Cartoon Planet are definitely going to be child-appropriate and some will even be educational, so even kiddos can get in on the fun.

If you’re looking for something a lil’ more child-friendly that won’t shorten your lifespan, Cartoon Planet is probably the zone for you.
There will be other animated characters too, and the experience is going to be pretty immersive, with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technology integrated into some of their rides.

Movie Planet (Level 3)
There will be 10 main attractions at Movie Planet alone. And that’s just the main attractions, so we can only imagine the number of side attractions.

Some of the more thrilling rides they’re going to have will feature the movies Transformers and Dinosaur World.
Popular scenes from these movie series will be brought to life, right in front of your eyes.

Music Planet (Level 5-7)
For those with tight schedules, it’s probably hard to attend a touring show. But fret not, the indoor circus will always be at Music Planet.
This means you can attend the circus any time throughout the year, without worrying that they’re going to pack up and continue their tour elsewhere.

Of course, it wouldn’t be called Music Planet without the element of music. For big fans of musicals, Capital 21 will be home to live musical performances.
The acts and performances will be updated and changed seasonally, so repeat visitors will never find themselves bored.

Now Open!
MCM London Musical Circus at Level 8, seating capacity about 1000 per show, closed on every Monday, launched on 18 Aug 2018. Circus artists come from over 20 countries eg. UK, US, Ukraine, Chile, Uruguay, Russia etc.

FAM Trip @ Cartoon Planet with media @capital21jb

Theme Park For All,
MCM Studio invite all students and teachers to step into our Theme Park to have memorable experience that is fun, entertaining, educational and with touch of magic. 

Lets Learn and Play

Garfield Family Excape Playland
Larva Underground Adventure World
Dino Core Extreme Activity Park
Harry & Bunnie Magic Wonderland
Larva Activity Room
Bumper Car
City of Glass
Tram Guide
Activity Room 2 

Expected to open its doors to public on 27 Sept 2018 .

For more info : follow @capital21jb .

Grab your tickets now at 
or call +6016 407 1880

P/S: Jom bawa anak-anak ke sini jommm. Bukan anak-anak je suka, yang omaknya ni pun suka weii heheheh. 

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