THE FIRST INDOOR MUSICAL CIRCUS IN MALAYSIA @ CAPITAL CITY JOHOR BAHRU | MCM London Musical Circus opens its doors to the public at Capital Cty Johor Bahru. 

* The MCM London Musical Circus is a Musical Circus that combines adrenaline-fueles stunt actions, tradisional circus skills, great music and dance into dramatic stories.

* A new indoor live theatre and entertainment facility at Capital City.

* MCM LOndon Musical Circus brings "The Greatest Showman" - the blockbuster Hollywood movie live to Malaysia.

Capital City, an upcoming entertainment center situated in Tampoi, Johor Bahru, is pleased to announce that in conjuction with the 250th anniversary of circus shows in the world, the birth of the first musical circus in Malaysia by MCM London Musical Circus (under subsidiary of MCM Studio). The show will debut "The Greatest Showman", at the Circus Hall - the new indoor live theatre and entertainment facility at Capital City.

The premiere show was graced by Datuk Bandar Johor Bahru - Tuan Haji Amran Bin A.Rahman, Pegawai Kewangan Negeri _ YB Dato' Haji Abd Rahim Bin Haji Nin, Pegawai Daerah Johor Bahru - Tuan Haji MOhammed Ridha B Dato' Haji Abd Kadir and many other influential goverment officials, business partners, media, media representatives and other invited guests. 

Unlike convertional circus shows, MCM London Musical Circus is the first indoor musical circus in Malaysia that combines adrenaline fueled action, the finest tradisional circus skills and great music into a dramatic story of ambition, greed and surprising outcome. 

With over 50 years' experience of creating great shows in Europe and South East Asia, the Producers (collectively MCM Studio Entertainment Group Sdn Bhd and Big Kid Entertainment Group) bring to Johor Bahru a much loved from of live tradisional entertainment brought bang up to date in a jaw dropping spectacle created especially for the circus. The enternational cast includes the best circus artists from UK, Russia, Chile, Venezuela, Mexico, Bulgaria and the USA.

Guaranteed to have audience on the edge of their seats, the nerve tingling aerial acts and sensational 'Double Wheel of Death' are examples of the visual extravaganza. Mr Stuby, the Circus Clown, provides the fun and laughter and the glittering music and dance routines will have the audience rocking in their seats!.

The musical circus show will be on performance every day at Capital City with different timing throughout the week. Tickets can be ordered online at . Alternatively, tickets are also available at our purchasing counter of Capital City with the hotline 016-4071880 .

Mr Krill Kirilov, Managing Director of Big Kid Entertainment said on behalf of the show producers, 'The Greatest Showman' will provide a fantastic new entertainment experience for all ages and we look forward to welcoming everyone to the brand new musical circus at Capital City'. 

Mr Siow Chien Fu, Executive Director and CEO of Capital; World Limited Group, who develops and owns Capital City, said, "Going to a circus has been many child's fantasy, including myself when i was a kid. We have priced our tickets affordably so that more kids can be fun and experience a world class musical circus show. The fisrt indoor musical circus in Malaysia will enhance the appeal of Capital City as an astonishing and full filled entertainment destnation for families and friends to spend quality time". 

About MCM Studio

MCM Studio is the largest indoor theme park in Soth East Asia situated in Capital City, Johor Bahru,Malaysia. MCM Studio stands for Movies, Cartoon, and music in which we went visitors stepping into our theme park to have a memorable theme park experience that is fun, entertaining, educational and with a touch of magic.

Cartoon Planet will be opened on 27th September 2018. Movie Planet and Music Planet will be opened subsequently on 4th quarter of 2018 and 1st quarter 2018. 

For more information, visit  or MCM Studio Facebook Page. 

MCM London Musical Circus
Level 8, Capital City, Tampoi, Johor Bahru

Online ticket:
Offline ticket: Wal in @Capital City
Hotline: 016-4071880




Tel: +607-238 6622 / 232 1718
Fax: +607-236 3322

P/S: Siapa yang belum pergi tengok, cepat-cepat beli tiket dan bawa anak-anak sempena cuti sekolah ni. promosi Buy 1 FREE 1 . Puashati dan berbaloi!! Sangat enjoy the show !!! 


  1. wah..... ada tak diorang ajak join buat show sekali? :p

    1. Adaaa @Retna, dia ada panggil volunteer naik pentas, show baling pisau hahahahaa ko ngase ??

    2. Hahahaha dah rngan nak angkat tangan hrtu Kak @Seri hahaha

  2. ehehe tingat time kecik2 tingin nak pegi circus.. nak tngk singa ngan gajah =D

    1. Kannnn dulu siap duduk kursi bolat, arwah Abah Sis ngajin bawak, walau kita kata circus kokak @Siti ..

  3. Replies
    1. Kannn @Hernee, memang syokk weiii..Danny adik Mia yang kecik tu pun enjoy hahaha

  4. bestnya...rasa nak pegi beli tiket untuk cuti ni pulak

    1. Best @Rohaida, macam anak ko Naura tu mesti enjoy, sedangkan Danny adk Mia tu kemain bertepuk tangan hahahaha


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