REGENCY CELEBRATES THE HEART - WORLD HEART DAY 2018 | Raising funds for the National Stroke Association of Malaysia (NASAM) in conjuction with World Heart Day 2018.
JOHOR 13 Oktober 2018 - Regency Specialist Hospital (Regency) flagged off  (NASAM), Johor Bahru. With a strong focus on caring for the heart, Regency's key message was *Preventive healthcare and wellness through regular screening*.

Serena Yong, Chief Executive Officer of Regency Specialist Hospital said, 'The heart is said to be the hardest working muscle in the body. Whether we are awake or asleep, our heart continues its role yet often times, we tend to disregard it's wellbeing by poor eating habits, lack of exercise or smoking key message, and the aim of transforming lives'. 

She added that funds were raised in forms of sponsors, corporate donations and charity sale of special World Heart Day Doughnut. Together with corporate funding. Regency raised more than RM6,000 directly channelled to NASAM. 

Donate Rm5 for NASAM, n deco urself doughtnut!
Pic Kredit by Dayang Hamidah 

Other indoor programmes made available were : basic health screening and free lipid test , blood donation drive, face painting and kid's colouring contest to keep young ones entertained. 

Meanwhile, on the fitness scale outdoors, participants were seen in two categories "12km cycling and fitness marathon.

Flagging off at 8am, the ride took on a scenic route of key areas within the city. With approximately 2.5 hours to complet, the cycling event concluded at its starting point; Regency Specialist Hospital.
Together with the fitness marathon, an estimated 700 pax were seen participating.

Having recently relocated their Physiotheraphy department, its has now evolved into an expanded Rehabilitation Centre. With new brand on board rehabilitation and spinal cord injury rehabilitation. New equipments are added showcasing comprehensive rehabilitation services.

Adding on, Yong said, 'With these continued initiatives, we aim to drive our partners, business partners, community and our staff to synergise together and raise awareness to improve healthcare quality within the community and in long run, to find better solutions on current health issues by providing latest medical diagnostics and treatment'.

Managed bt Health Management INternational Grpup and in line with their recent rebranding exercise, Regency reinforced its pledge to the community - Together, we build a healthier society

P/S: Sayangi jantung anda. Terima kasih Farahain, teman Sis pagi ini .. :) 


  1. terima kasih sisssturrr kuu kerana sudi menjemput iolls bersama..muah ciked!


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