SDS BAKERY & CAFE KINI DI BUKA DI TAMAN PELANGI JOHOR BAHRU | Tempat makan paling Sis suka semestinya SDS Bakery & Cafe. Tak tau lah nak cakap macam mana, tapi Sis suka makan di sini. Menu dia dan susasana tempatnya membuatkan Sis datang berulangkali. Sis biasa ke SDS Taman Johor Jaya, tempattnya besar dan banyak ruang duduk. 

Biasa kalau Sis jumpa kawan, kalau di tanya nak makan dan lepak mana, mesti Sis ajak ke sini, sampaikan nanti kawan Sis pun sama terjebak sekali hahaha. Lagi-lagi kalau ada member kad, haaa setiap 15hb ada diskaun 50% untuk hidangan menu dan juga 20% untuk jenis kek. Bestkan, nanti waktu besday pun sama, ada kopun rm10 dan juga diskaun 50% ..

Dan harini, orang-orang Johor sekitar Pusat Bandar Taman Pelangi, bolehlah ke sini untuk singgah makan dan santai bersama keluarga ya. Harini 2hb Oktober 2018 jam 10am secara rasminya di buka untuk umum dan diskaun hebat selama 2 hari berlangsung. 
Beli kek 50% tu, best tak best? Makan pun buy 1 free 1. Yumsss..

Kalau ramai orang semestinyalah ye, diskaun hebatkan, kena bersabar dan setia menunggu dan beratur.

SDS Newest Cafe, Showcasing Comfy and Kids-Friendly Concept
SDS opens its 29th outlet with kids-friendly dining concept in October.

Local popular food and beverage group, SDS is bringing its newest concept outlet, which focuses on “deluxe comfort dining” to downtown JB and is prepared to delight more city people with its large varieties of food and confectioneries.

SDS is set to open its newest outlet at Taman Pelangi on 2nd October 2018, 10a.m. in the morning. As the 29th outlet of SDS, new outlet serves as a bakery and café with main focus on its interior design to meet max dining comfort.

“Nice food is no longer the only factor to diner when choosing restaurant,” said Ms. Alice Loh, Marketing Manager of SDS.

“Cosy interior has become a consideration for modern diners, apart from food quality. Café with modern and contemporary interior design not only let diners enjoy a more relaxing dining or Hi-tea moments, but also becomes social media check-in attraction.” Commented Ms. Alice.

SDS newest outlet at Taman Pelangi is a kids-friendly outlet with kids’ playroom measuring 3200 square feet, the new outlet has double storeys providing a spacious dining area for max comfort. SDS newest outlet is able to hold up to 98 diners.

“As more and more expatriates settle down in JB city centre, Taman Pelangi has growth to be a global community. With infusion of various cultures, more fun is expected to be realized in SDS Taman Pelangi, which is also an art and community hub that is strategically located in downtown JB.”

Bakery at ground floor of SDS new outlet offers confectionery varieties to the Taman Pelangi residents. Comfort dining area at ground floor has also enabled elderly or the disables to enjoy dining moment with their family. Wider dining area is available at 1st floor.

“More discounts are available during new outlet’s opening to cheer up our supporters,” said Ms. Alice.

Opening promotion in SDS newest outlet will be carried out for two days, on 2nd October and 3rd October. SDS customers are able to enjoy up to 50% discount on birthday cakes and 20% discount on bakery products.

Apart from that, all buns will be sold at RM1.50 during the two days’ promotion. Customers who dine in within these two days are also able to buy 1 free 1 on selected cafe food.

For further information on opening promotion, kindly log on to SDS official Facebook page at .

29 outlets of SDS are located at Taman Pelangi (NEWEST), Desaru, Paradigm Mall JB, AEON Bandar Dato’ Onn, AEON Tebrau City (Fanpekka Cafe), Johor Jaya, JB City Square, AEON Kulaijaya, Taman Perling, Taman Universiti, Kota Tinggi, KSL City Mall, AEON Bukit Indah, Larkin Sentral, Plaza Pelangi, S’Mart, Giant Plentong, Masai, Ulu Tiram, Kota Raya, Kangkar Pulai, Setia Indah, Kota Masai, and SDS Bakery at La Boheme AEON Tebrau City, AEON Kulaijaya, AEON Permas Jaya, AEON Bukit Indah, AEON Taman Universiti, and AEON Bandar Dato’ Onn.

SDS is the retail subsidiary of SDS Groups. As a Johor home-grown company, SDS Groups develop its business with three subsidiary brands including SDS, wholesale subsidiaries Top Baker and Daily’s Bakery. Top Baker and Daily’s Bakery are bakery product suppliers and wholesalers delivering delectable bread to Nationwide daily. New factory launched in Seremban has begun its operation producing products.

SDS which is well-recognized in Johor region for its quality confectionery products valuable for money and excellent customer service. Since 1987, SDS continuously invents new creations monthly to keep customer’s excitement in SDS products. Aligned with the Share, Dine, Smile motto – SDS envisions to give its valued customer the most unique and enjoyable dining experience.

The wide array of SDS confectionery includes bread, pastries, cakes, western food, local food, casual dining, coffee and beverages, buffet catering, festive cookies and hampers, mooncakes, baby full moon and wedding gift sets.

P/S: Jomm siapa nak follow Sis, jomm kita..jumpa di sana di sanaa..Nak makan kek RV dia , sodap uiii..


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