A BOUNTIFUL PROSPERITY LUNAR NEW YEAR AT NELAYAN SEAFOOD BY THE COAST | Double up the auspiciousness and uniqueness as you will be dining with a panaromic seaview smothered with a cool coastal breeze, lift up the festive spirit this Chinese New Year with a special culinary delight in Nelayan Seafood by the Coast! 

In 2019's Lunar New Year, gather your friends and family to a selection of mouth-watering Lunar New Year Set Menu Packages of over-the-top selection namely Golden Phoenix Set, Golden Dragon Set and Golden Fortune Set available from now till 19th February 2019.

Prosperity Yee Sang

Tiger Grouper Hong Kong Style

Soy Sauce or Cereal Happiness Prawn

Icy Treasure Chicken

Brocolu & Asparagus in Special Sauce

Warap up your previous successflu year and bring along to welcome the prosperous one ahead with our signature Prosperity Yee Sang, followed warm Golden Crabmeat Seafood Soup, Golden Chicken Soup with Dried Scallop and Pumpkin, or Treasure 'Poon Choi'. 

Pamper your Lunar New Year with the mains of Hong Kong Style Selection of fish between Pomfret, Tiger Grouper or Red Snapper, Happiness Prawn cooked in Soy Sauce or Cereal, Golden Lobster, Icy Treasure Chicken, Spring Blossom Broccoli with Mushroom Fish Maw, Broccoli and Asparagus in Special Sauce, Traditional Lotus Leaf Rice and Black Pepper Crab.

Srafood Ee Fu Noodles

Double Happiness

You will definitely love to end your meal with Longan Sea Coconut, Premium Chinese Tea, Longan Green Bean Soup or a sweet 'Double Happiness'. If you're opting for an Ala Carte menu, Chef Huat will be happy to serve you Golden Crispy Fish Skin Salad, Lucky White Mushroom Sea Asparagus Scallops with Special Sauce, Auspicious Kampong Chicken Fish Maw Soup and more!

- Golden Phoenix Set is Priced at RM688nett for a table of 6 pax 
- Golden Dragon Set is at RM888nett per table for 10 pax. 
- Nelayan Seafood by the Coast's Golden Fortune Set is only RM1388nett per table for 10 pax with two menu selection to choose from while Ala Carte menu available starts from RM88 per plate.

All Lunar New Year Ser Menu are available from now till 19th February 20199. 
Advance reservation is recommended at least three days in advance. 

Hurry and book your tables for a cosy catch up session over the festive period with family and friends by contacting Ms. Siti at +60128818105 or Ms. Hafizi at +60128818267.

Alternatively, you can log onto www.careluxuryhotels.com/tunamaya-desaru/offers/dine/ for more information.

Thank You Nelayan Seafood for having us . 

P/S: Review Sis, semua makanannya mempunyai rasa 'mewah' cenggitu..lebih-lebih lagi yang ayam dam ice bowl tu, sangat unik dan kreatif! Pestime makan ayam dalam air batu tapi bila di makan dengan mangga tu, masyaAllah rasa dia ada 'sesuatu' yang istimewa. 


  1. saya pun sukaaaaa ayam dalam mangkuk ais tu!

    1. Kannn @Sunah, tapi terasa-rasa kepedasan brocoli tu dan sotong, sedapnyaaaa

  2. sejenis farahain dikunyah dan ditelan ape sahaja selagi ianya kena pada tekak.. Tapi yang pasti... menu ini sangat lah di rekomen.. RSVP your table NOW!! kang menyesall kempunan

    1. Kannnn aku tengok muka ko je dah tau sejenis @Farahain kunyah dan telan sambil goyang-goyang hahahahha

  3. Assalamualaikum lin...yee la bila tengok ayam dlm ais tu mcm lain jer....apa rasanya lin..

    1. Waalaikumussalam Mama..
      Rasa dia rasa ayam 3 rasa, cuma beza dia ada rasa sejuk sikit tapi bila makan dengan mangga tu, terus jadi kesedapan hehehehe ilang rasa sejuk..


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