AFFORDABLE PROTECTION FOR RURAL HOMES WITH ALLIANZ KAMPUNGKU | Your quaint wooden house deserves protection too. Statistics from the Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia (BOMBA) showed that 2,991 homes were involved in fire incidents in 2018; 114 of those cases involved long houses or traditional homes.

For those living in rural areas, RM75 is all that stands between them and protection for their wooden homes. The affordable Allianz KampungKu provides owners or tenants of kampung wooden homes with comprehensive protection for the home or household contents against fire, flood, and windstorm.

“Your home is largest and most important assets you will ever own. So regardless of the location or size, every house is deserving of protection. As insurers, our role is to provide Malaysians with unequivocal home protection and we have been doing that with Allianz KampungKu since in 2014,” said Kitty Kui, Allianz General Insurance Company (Malaysia) Berhad, Johor Bahru Branch Manager.

“Wooden ones are more susceptible to fire and natural risks. Apart from having safety measures in place, we cannot stress enough on the importance having adequate insurance protection to be the safety net that helps you get back on your feet,” added Kitty.

Allianz KampungKu was launched in 2014 and has protected over 3,000 homes nationwide. Allianz KampungKu covers Fire and Lightning for Building (excluding foundation) and Household contents for a sum insured of RM10,000; Emergency Relief Benefits (for fire, flood or windstorm) for sum insured of RM1,000; and Personal Accident coverage that covers any one loss for Accident Death, Permanent Disablement or Funeral Expenses for a sum insured of RM1,000. Allianz KampungKu can be purchased at all Pos Malaysia offices nationwide.

To find out more information on Allianz KampungKu, call Allianz Malaysia’s Customer Contact Centre at 1-300-22-5542 or email

P/S: Sangat bagus! Terutama perlindungan kepada rumah kayu macam ni. 


  1. Semua orang berhak dapt perlindungan kan..

    1. Iyerr dan juga semua rumah berhak ada insuran perlindungan, lebih-lebih lagi rumah kayu kan @Sunah..

  2. Wah menarik ni dia khas untuk rumah kayu :)

    1. Kannnn, memang rumah kayu patut ada insurans perlindungan macam ni kann @Syaza..


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