LOCAL FLYING CLUB TREATS ORPHANAGE KIDS WITH AN EXCLUSIVE FLYING EXPERIENCE | FRAS Flying Club flying 60 orphanage kids in the skies in conjuction with its annual Christmas Charity Event, expecting a turnout of over 150 people.

Over 150 people are expected to attend the annual Christmas Orphanage Charity Event today in support of providing orphanage kids with an experience of a lifetime. FRAS Flying Club is welcoming 60 orpahanage kids from Persatuan Kebajikan Al-Zaraffe Johor and Rumah Kebajikan Baituk Magrifah for a fun-filled day in their new hangar.

The main goal of this event is to provide these orpahanage kids with an unforgettable flying experience an also to cultivate an interested into careers in the aviation industry. The kids will experience an exclusive 20min flying experience, a private Pilot-in-Command photoshoot inside the cocpit, souvenirs, fun & games including a bouncing castle and of course breakfast and lunch.

The event will attract an enthusiastic crowd as well, from aviation enthusiasts to media reporters alike from all over Johor. The annual event will also be the launch of the FRAS Young Aviators Program, which will be open in 2020 to all kids nationwide from 8-18 years old to be introduced to the wonderful world of aviation.

All visitors will be treated to a wide variety of activities regardless of age from the flying experiences being opened to the public to the attractive lucky draw prizes to the huge bouncing castle from Soo[a Doopa. All visitors also will be given a chance to take pictures inside the cockpit of the light aircrafts. A wide luncheon spread will also be served ti all visitors of the event.

Key people in FRAS Flying Club that are organising this event are :
  • Datuk Abdul Karim Alavi - Chairman of FRAS
  • Maj. Gen (R) Dato' Gophal Ramdas - Vice Chairman
  • Capt Ranjit Singh - Managing Director
  • Madam Pargaso Kaur - Director
  • Capt Gurcharan Singh - Chief Operating Officer.
  • Mr Faiyaz Ali - Chief Marketing Officer.

Guests of honour will include VVIPs listed below, where thet sopport the Flying Club's mission on giving the orpahanage kids a life changing experience.
  • YBM Tunku Dato Omar Bin Tunku Mohammad Archibaid & Datin Azizah
  • YDH Datin Tunku Dato Hassan (Datin Faridah Salim & Family)
  • YBM Tunku Abu Bakar Ibni Tunju Abdul Rahman
  • YM Tunku Kurshiah (Atiah_ Ibni Tunku Aku Bakar & Husband Zaini Zaidy. 

'Our goal with FRAS Flying Club is to make the children's dream of flying come true. The younger geneation is our future and with avuation being previously seeming like a far away dream, we wish to bridge that gap and give everyone the opportunitu to fly', explains Datuk Abdul Karim Alavi, teh Chairman of FRAS Flying Club. 

This is the 6th year FRAS is organising its annual Christmas charity event. This event is open to charity organisations from all races and religions, and is always happy to welcome new organisations to reach out to us if they are intrested to participate in the next event, 

For any further enquires, please cpntact Mr Haren Mohanraj +6019 735 2911 or Mr Falyaz Ali +6016 549 8845.

Thank You FRAS Flying Club for having me and its a new experiences to me to fly over the skies with FRAS. Thanks again and congrats!

P/S: Korang boleh bayangkan betapa excitednya Sis ko dalam kapal kecik tu tak? Hahahaha...

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