PARADIGM MALL, JOHOR BAHRU TO PROVIDE SECURITY ESCORTS FOR WOMEN ENSURING THEIR SAFETY AND SECURITY | Women shoppers and women with young children can now shop in comfort and convenience at Paradigm Mall, Johor Bahru (PMJB). 

The mall has recently launched its security escort services for women so that they can enjoy a safe shopping experience.

Ms. Selena Chua, CEO, Retail of WCT Malls said, “We at WCT malls are constantly upgrading our security measures as the safety of our shoppers, tenants and employees is our highest priority. We urge our women shoppers to use the services of our security personnel if they desired so after their post dinner, movie or shopping in the mall, especially at night as they are professionally trained to handle tough situations.”

The availability of the security escorts for women is one the many initiatives undertaken by Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru to ensure safer environment for women to shop. 

PMJB has put in place several precautionary measures such as top of round-the-clock CCTV surveillance, help buttons and security personnel patrolling the mall to prevent any untoward incidents.

Contact security Mall security can be reached at +607-2313999. All shoppers are requested to contact the security escorts for any help or concerns while visiting the mall.

For more information about the activities and promotions, kindly visit the mall’s:

Website Paradigm Mall JB:
Facebook: Paradigm Mall JB:
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*Terms & Conditions applied

P/S: Tahniah PMJB!! Harap-harap yang jadi eskot tu pun baik-baik aja laa ya...jangan harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi huhuhu...


  1. ape yang kat PS ko tu adalah ape yang aku fikir gak bila baca dan tengok gambar tu..huhuhuh..harap2 semuanya boleh dipercayai..

    1. Kannnn, seram pulak aku nengoknyaaa ko...hahahahah dah le pakai penutup mulut camtu hahaha

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