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INSIGHT SHAMPOO - BEST PROFESSIONAL SHAMPOO FOR HEALTHY HAIR | Every hair type is unique. There is an important reason why you must identify your hair type to help you pick the right shampoo or hair care product specially formulated for that hair type. The difference lies not just in hair length or thickness as several factors can come into play.

When it comes to picking the right INSIGHT hair care, you will find there are different formulations not just for hair type, but also for the different hair concerns. As such, you can find a Shampoo & Conditioner according to the level of damage or type of hair concern. 

INSIGHT has an extensive range of Shampoo / Conditioner formulations to match your hair care needs, to help you create your own daily ritual of beauty and wellness.

INSIGHT Shampoo - Best Professional Shampoo For Healthy Hair

How to Choose the Best Shampoo for your Hair Type!

Insight is the line conceived in laboratories to create a synergistic action between the ancient wisdom of phyto extracts and phyto oils and the ethical choice to work with organic ingredients. Nature, in urban context, is our source of inspiration.

INSIGHT products are nourishing, rich in protective and essential active ingredients, in accordance with healthy choice of purity of the formulas. Innovative, non-conventional formulations that protect the hair health and radiance through a rigorous selection of the raw materials, at the same time guaranteeing absolute styling perfection and high professional content.

The mission of Insight is eco-sustainability, both environmental and social. Being within the reach of all, offering gentle yet effective green formulas: professional quality at affordable prices.

INSIGHT Shampoo - Best Professional Shampoo For Healthy Hair

INSIGHT laboratories formulate according to precise ecological and health-conscious parameters. Here are the ingredients that they chose and what not.

1. Synthetic Colourants Free
- With the exception of some products (Incolor Anti-yellow Shampoo and the Blonde line) and of the Incolor, Pigments and Incolor Man dyes where such ingredients are essential to carry out the task the product is intended for, all INSIGHT products are free of synthetic dyes.

2. Allergen Free Fragrances
- They chose to use only fragrances without allergens, so that our treatments are as gentle as possible even on the most sensitive scalp. The Cosmos Natural products are an exception: indeed, the certification standard provides for the use of 100% natural fragrances, which contain allergens due to their natural derivation.

3. SLS/SLES Free
- All of the shampoos are formulated without SLS and SLES (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate), which are considered aggressive and potentially irritating surfactants. They have chosen to replace them with SODIUM COCETH SULFATE, derived from coconut. Using a more dermo- compatible cleansing product means protecting scalp health and balance over time.

4. Silicones Free
- Silicones are inorganic polymers derived from silicon through chemical synthesis processes. Although it’s true that they give immediate softness and shine to hair thanks to their film-forming effect, they prevent the penetration of the active ingredients by occluding the scales of the cuticle. Where possible, they have eliminated them from our formulations, replacing them with naturally derived oils or extracts featuring protective and moisturising properties.

5. Parabens And MIT Free
- Parabens and MITs are preservatives that have become the subject of controversy, although scientific research has not yet taken a definitive stance. While awaiting a response that dispels all doubt, so they decided to use some alternative preservative systems. In particular, they also use a biodegradable mixture of fruit acids for all our shampoos: Sodium Benzoate and Potassium Sorbate. Masks and conditioners instead contain a preservative mixture composed of Benzyl Alcohol and a softening agent of natural origin, Glyceryl Laurate.

6. Mineral Oils and Petrolatum Free
- Petrolatum (Paraffinum liquidum) is a refined petroleum product with film-forming properties that prevent correct transpiration and oxygenation of scalp and hair. They opted to replace it, where possible, with more dermo-compatible, naturally derived ingredients with the same properties, but fewer unknowns to health and environment.

INSIGHT Shampoo - Best Professional Shampoo For Healthy Hair

Certifications and Pulse :

INSIGHT is providing professional-quality, clean products to consumers across the world, focusing on harnessing nature's best ingredients while being committed to a healthier production and final result. 

1. Ozonated Water
2. High Percentage of Naturality
3. Vegan OK Certification
4. Nickel Tested
5. 100% Made in Italy
6. Phyto and Organic Extracts

They also don't use synthetic colorants.  

LOVE for Nature and Planet
CARE Yourself
LIFE in the Natural Connection
FEEL your Inner Beauty

They also listed having certification from ISO 9001 (Quality System) and ISO 22716 (GMP - Good manufacturing practice).

INSIGHT Shampoo - Best Professional Shampoo For Healthy Hair

Insight Hair Loss Control Fortifying Hair Shampoo
Insight Hair Loss Control Fortifying Hair Treatment

Do you have weak hair or suffering from hair loss? Look no further….. Regrow hair naturally without toxic chemicals & painful procedures. INSIGHT LOSS CONTROL an organic Shampoo rich in active ingredients & organic extracts to help condition the hair growth, and help it grow back healthy & strong! ⁣Special mix of Organic Chestnut + Menthol + Guarana Extract + Organic Echinacea Extract is designed to strengthen the scalp in depth, gives back it’s vitality from roots to tips.

- Reinforcing synergic treatment for the hair bulb. To help to prevent hair loss.
- It stimulates the microcirculation and fortifies the hair fibre. It gives a feeling of freshness to the skin.

INSIGHT Shampoo - Best Professional Shampoo For Healthy Hair

Insight Anti Dandruff Purifying Hair Shampoo
Insight Anti Dandruff Purifying Hair Treatment

Dandruff feels like the skin of the scalp has become overly dry and flaky, resulting in an itchy feeling. If you constantly research how to get rid of dandruff and nothing works, try INSIGHT ANTI-DANDRUFF. Special mix of Rosemary Extract + Organic Thyme Extract + Organic Sage Extract is formulated to eliminate dandruff and fight against its reappearance.

- It works since the first applications to eliminate dandruff and fight against its reappearance.
- It has an antiseptic, soothing and balancing effect on irritated skin.

INSIGHT Shampoo - Best Professional Shampoo For Healthy Hair

Insight Sensitive Skin Hair Shampoo for Sensitive Scalp
Insight Sensitive Skin Hair Conditioner for Sensitive Scalp
Insight Lenitive Scalp Comfort Cream for Super Sensitive Scalp

One of the main signs of a sensitive scalp is a tingling, prickly feeling all over your head. INSIGHT SENSITIVE range is perfect for anyone that is suffering from sensitive scalp condition such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis or itchy & flaky scalp. Special mix of Pumpkin extract & Quince extract is designed to hydrate & moisturise the hair, while treating dry scalp & yet, cleansing it! Formulated for the entire family (including children), dermatologically and nickel tested to guarantee maximum gentleness and skin-friendliness.

- This extremely gentle shampoo is suitable for the whole family, including children. Particularly suitable for frequent use, it respects the natural moisture balance of the skin.
- Detangling and smoothing formula, for all hair types, even for children. It helps to maintain healthy skin and hair, making hair soft and naturally bright.

INSIGHT Shampoo - Best Professional Shampoo For Healthy Hair

Insight Rebalancing Sebum Control Hair Shampoo
Insight Rebalancing Scalp Exfoliating Cream

Rebalancing Sebum Control Shampoo helps in cleansing scalp without gives an effection to the oil gland section. It is calms and softens the scalp, practically in prevents oil secretion on the scalp, relieves irritation due to oily hair and also can makes hair becomes more bright, fresh and wavy.

- Deeply cleanses, Rebalancing the skin and controlling the excessive sebum production.
- This cream-scrub has several functions: skin renewal, skin purifying, and of course, elimination of dandruff and excess sebum. Suitable for all hair types.

INSIGHT Shampoo - Best Professional Shampoo For Healthy Hair

Insight Lenitive Dermo-Calming Hair Shampoo for Super Sensitive Scalp
Insight Lenitive Scalp Comfort Cream for Super Sensitive Scalp

Still cannot find the products that's affectionate with scalp ? Until now facing with the redness and itchy on the scalp ? Selected organic ingredients, safe and premier for your scalp. Sensitive scalp needs a product that contains natural ingredients and fit with the issue.

- Moisturising, intensive, calming and rebalancing action for the irritated scalp. Moisturizes the hair, leaving it silky and soft.
- It is suitable for people who have the habit of dyeing and ironing. It is also suitable for normal scalp maintenance.

INSIGHT Shampoo - Best Professional Shampoo For Healthy Hair

Where To Buy? 

For more info and product update, you can go to Instagram Insight Hair Care Malaysia or Facebook Insight Hair Care Malaysia

Be the change you want to see in the world.
Feel the experience of natural beauty with selected haircare product from INSIGHT
Have a healthy and beautiful hair with INSIGHT! 

P/S: Nikmatnya kalau dapat rambut cantik dan menawan kan, walau pakai tudung.. 

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