Michael Jackson Dead at 50

Salam semua...
Shock pg ni mendengar berita Michal Jackson Raja Pop Dunia meninggal dunia...Takziah bt keluarga Jackson, berita mengatakan Michael mati kerana masaalah jantung, dh ajal dia kan, so tggu je la mcm2 spekulasi dan berita sepenuh nya yek, ni Lin ada amik dr sumber2 berita terkini..layannnnn

.U.S. pop star Michael Jackson has been rushed to a Los Angeles-area by fire department paramedics, the Los Angeles Times reported on June 25, 2009. The newspaper said paramedics went to the singer's home and found he was not breathing.

Michael Jackson, the record-breaking, sensationally gifted “King of Pop” who emerged from childhood superstardom to become the entertainment world’s most influential singer and dancer, and the tabloid world’s most disturbing celebrity, has died. He was 50.

A person with knowledge of the situation says Jackson died Thursday in a Los Angeles hospital. The person was not authorized to speak publicly and requested anonymity.

His death brought a tragic end to a long, bizarre, sometimes farcical decline from his peak in the 1980s, when he was popular music’s premier all-around performer, a uniter of black and white music who shattered the race barrier on MTV, dominated the charts and dazzled even more on stage.

P/S: Sumber mengatakan, Michael tetap memakai sarung tangan nya tu sewaktu mati..ermm trade mark dia kan...huhuhu


  1. ajal nyer dah tibe.. kita belum tentu bila lagi

  2. salam..
    sama laa tajuk n3 kita..
    pagi tadi dengar kat hotfm..

  3. cantik laa blog ni..
    kita folo awak ehh..

  4. Mati juga dia ye... ingat dulu, dia ni buat itu ini sbb takut sangat mati.

  5. Salam Ziarah,
    Nak ekot leh?? anyway...dunia kehilangan RAJA POP sudah..

  6. Dia ni Islam kan? Dengar kat BBC chennel TB takder pun mention apa2 yang dia Islam!

  7. betul ker diyer pelok islam..huhuu waulahualam..

    haku tak hambek port sgt ngan MJ nie kak..tapi lagu Earth song diyer yg terbest yg pernah haku dgr..video clip tuh paling superb..huhuu


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