Hari Isnin eh? hoyeeeee

Salam semua...

Isnin? betul ke hrni hari Isnin? eh? yeah yeah, hrni hubby balik, now hubby tgh otw drive thru balik JB dr Trengganu, dh dekat seminggu hubby outsation, rindu sama dia mau peluk2 cium2..hehehhe so what? eh laki aku, aku punya suke le..bweekkk. :p
Ishhh tgh dok fikir nk masak apa ni, any idea? pening kepala le hari2 mau fikir nak masak apa yek, huhuhu apalagi yg Chef2 tu semua, mau x botak kepala nk fikir menu baru je...adeii siann.
*ptut ramai Chef xde rambut ek..hehehe

P/S: Selalunya masak campak2 je yg sedap, owang kata lauk 'bidan terjun' hehehehe
Janji konyanggg ..

Hari Isnin eh? hoyeeeee Hari Isnin eh? hoyeeeee Reviewed by Sis Lin on Monday, April 05, 2010 Rating: 5

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