Wordless Wednesday #11: Buang Bayi.

Wordless Wednesday #11: Buang Bayi. Wordless Wednesday #11: Buang Bayi. Reviewed by Sis Lin on Wednesday, October 05, 2011 Rating: 5


  1. kesian bayi yang tidak berdosa...

  2. Ana Farha: Mmg hati iblis peempuan tu..muka bt selamba je mcm owang tak bersalah..
    Moga Allah beri balasan yg setimpalnya....huhuhu

  3. uhuk uhuk...nk nanges tgk baby nih..kesian sguh..dia tak berdosa..!geram tol lah..

  4. aigoooo..xsuka tgok babies kena wat mcm ni..xde prikemanusiaan btul la mak drg tu >.<"

  5. Oh Oeya: Mmmg akan erkkk sebab tak tau nak kata apa dah..huhuhu

  6. TehO Beng: Manusia takde akal, takde hati dan takde perasaan..huhuhu

  7. Syan_Neesa: Hati iblis yg masuk dlm hati dia tu..huhuhuhu

  8. Nurul: mmg sedeih..tak tau la apa yg mak dia fikir..huhuhu


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