THE MARRIAGE OF EASTERN AND WESTERN FLAVOURS ONLY AT HOTEL GRANADA JOHOR BAHRU | Usher in New York with exotic marriage of flavours at Hotel Granada Johor Bahru from January to March 2019 with a taste of the Oxtail Asam Pedas, Nachos Gratin with Chilli Con Pollo and the special Fruit Yee Sang

Chef Eunus and his amazing brigade of chefs are priming to ensure the marriage of cuisines whet your appetite and make it a culinary experience to remember. At Olla Restaurant, the marriage of flavours starts with Malaysian favourites by indulging specially craffed, Oxtail Asam Pedas with is incredibily special in that Chef Eunus utilisers his own mother's secret recipe of a myriad of spices and chillies.

'We dare our guests to experience a different level of palate for the malay tradisional dish, Asam Pedas. Throughout time, Asam Pedas is sighnificantly paired with a variety of fish but today, we are bold in our cooking method by using oxtail while the scarlet-hued gravy is umbued with tamarind juice, chili and a range of spices that makes it an authentic dish, "said Chef Eunus during the food presentation.

The marriage continues with a favourite street food inspired down Mexican way, Nachos Gratin with Chili Con Pollo. The Nachos Grantin Chili Con Pollo or homemade tortilla chips smothered with minced chicken and cheese there is a Chef's surprise sauce here in that the Salsa infused with a secret local ingredient.

Dp you hear the echo of firecrackers and lion dance performance coming your way?
Color your Chinese New Year in 2019 and double up your prosperity by tossing higher with our Fruit Yee Sang, a combination of freshly and vegetables showered an exquisite homemade creamy lemon honey sauce for an auspicious year ahead alongside your beloved ones. 

Hurry and make your way to Olla Restaurant and taste the marriage of flavours in your mouth during your quick lunck break or dinner!

Order now! 

Oxtail Asam Pedas at only RM 35nett per pax

Or enjoy 

Nachos Gratin with Chilli Con Pollo for RM 25nett.

Experience also especially the ..

Friut Yee Sang for 10pax at RM 138nett.

For reservation and booking, calling at +607-231 8805 or 





Versi Melayu boleh ke link web Sunah Sakura 

P/S: Sejujurnya review dari Sis, menu asam pedas tu sangat menepati citarasa. Rasa asam pedasnya seperti masakan Emak-emak kita. Cukup rasa pedas, asam dan ekornya lembut. Yang Nachos tu okay juga, tekak mat salleh memang sukakannya. Dan yang best Yee Sang tu, cuma mungkin sebab dia buah-buahan, jadi mungkin juga ianya rasa manis. Atau sosnya tu, tapi memang lain dari yang lain. 


  1. I loikeee the asam pedasssss! Sampai hisap2 ekor tu..hihihi

    1. Kannnn, sampai dah hampir licin kuahnya kita hirup kann @Sunah ...

  2. nak asamm pedass diaa.. sedapp!


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