Lirik Lagu Fazura - Only God Knows 
Album - Fazura 
Pencipta - Fazura 

The moment when we first met
I never knew it could be so beautiful
I'm missing you every hour, every day
You make my heart so full

At times when we were far away
You made me feel as though you're by my side
The love is getting stronger
Every time we spent together

All the plans we made
The tears and laughs we shared
We know that it's our destiny

My heart will keep on longin' just for your love
To love me and to care for me
You'll always be the best for me
For only God really knows

Everything about you
unforgettable and
it's too perfect
The love I have inside me,
it's burning just for you
You'll always be a part of me, my happiness,
my heart and soul

Forever it will be our beautiful love story

The moment when we first met
And forever, you'll be the best for me

P/S: Tersentuh masuk ke dalam jiwa bila dengar lagu ini..halah halah halah Pajura oiii, bikin Sis ko meleleh huhuhu :(


  1. Lagu fazura yang dulu. Tapi saya lebih lagu dia yang sekarang :)

    1. Kannn @Carly, suara dia pun semakin matang bila menyanyi...


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