BUFFET RAMADHAN : CITARASA NOSTALGIA AT PUTERI HARBOUR WITH JEN | To welcome the holy month of Ramadhan, Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour, Johor offers guests an extravagant buka puasa feast to share the bliss of the holy month. Harbour Cafe, the hotel's international buffet restaurant, will bring more than 150 luscious dishes ranging from Middle Eastern to Thai, all geared towards preserving heritage.

The buffet prepared by Chef Rusli and Chef Ehsan will impress many as they gather and bring the old family's recipe such as Mee Rebus, Gearbox Kambing, Asam Pedas Pak Rusli and Kari Ikan Kawah. It will definitely take guests on a sumptuous spice journey through the buka puasa feast. 

The hotel features a mix of the country's favourites, some of which are prepared in authentic Malay kampung-style live-cooking stations. Guests should look out for the slow-cooked Kambing Kuzi Johor, whole roasted Kambing Golek and a selection of meats and Ikan Panggang done right before the guest's eyes.

The wide array of traditional cuisines includes Ayam Percik, Kerabu Hidayat, Bubur Lambuk, Opor Ayam, Ikan Goreng Acar Bali, Sambal Udang Pati Santan, Sotong Masak Hitam, Ketupat and Lemang together with peanut sauce, Serunding Ayam and Serunding Daging, to name a few. A meal will never be complete without some mouth-watering dipping sauce, such as Sambal Belacan, Cincalok, Budu, Tempoyak Cili, Sambal Gesek, Air Asam and Sambal Mangga.

Chef Ehsan presents Middle Eastern cuisine galore with Arabic Spice Meatballs and Baked Spicy Fish with Muhammar Sweet Rice. Hotel Jen's very Pastry Chef Asbullah is famed for his own specialities, such as Ondeh-ondeh Cake and Pengat Durian Cake. 

He and his pastry team will fill the dessert spread with sweetness, including assorted Malay Kuih, assorted French pastries, a line-up of fruits and a drink station serving milky and delicious Teh Tarik and the famous Air Katira.

Harbour Cafe will serve the all-time Malaysian favourite, durian, in the open terrace area. Diners can also feast on durian after sating their appetites at the buffet all night long. To end the meal on a sweet note, so guests can continue their durian adventure with Durian Cheesecake and Durian Goreng, in addition to an exquisite line-up of desserts. 

From Western cakes to traditional desserts, it makes a beautiful ending to a day of indulgence.

Come and enjoy Citarasa Nostalgia at Puteri Harbour!

Citarasa Nostalgia at Puteri Harbour With Jen 

Harbour Cafe, Level 1, Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour
Persiaran Puteri Selatan, Puteri Harbour, 79000 Iskandar Puteri, Johor

Dinner date: 6 - 31/5/2019
Price: RM 128nett per Adult | RM 68nett per Child (6 - 12 years old)

Early-bird special (now until 30/4/2019):
Buy 5 get 1 free
Buy 10 get 2 free

For reservation or voucher purchase: +607 560 8900 or Email harbourcafe.hjph@hoteljen.com
For group booking, call 07 560 6606 or email salescoordinator.hjph@hoteljen.com

Website: hoteljen.com/johor

P/S: Review Sis : So far semua sedap-sedap, terutama Laksa Johor dia, dan paling menjadi pilihan ramai adalah makan durian sepuasnya !!! Tu yang jadi kelainannya di sini .. Sis ko makan sampai kenyang haritu hehehe ..opsss


  1. suka tgk desert die terletak je

    1. Kannnn banyak sangat, sampai blur nak pilih makan yang mana @Anakdenesor ...

  2. wahhh.. sedap2 menu.. durian pun ada :)

    1. Durian tu sepanjang puasa ada nanti @Ejulz ....

  3. sini pun best ya, Lin. Adeh.. tak dapatlah nak pakai kebaya raya nanti, hahaha

    1. Hahahah sana sini semua best..yang best makan durian setiap hari tu Kak @Seri hehehehe

  4. cantik-cantik gambar makanan...
    wah!sedap-sedap lauk dia...

    1. Tengok gambo je dah kenyang kannn @Nieyla hehehe

  5. Ya Allah.. dessert dia nampak sedap2.. dgn derian tu lagi, wallah sangat.. memang tak kuruih la kalau makan mcm ni tiap2 ari.. haha

    1. Deseert dia tu ada yang perasa durian @Dilah, memang Hotel Jen menu dia kaya dengan durian hehehehe sama macam Amari ..

  6. Best gilerrrr dapat makan durian puas2!

    1. Kannnn ikutkan nak ulang lagi tapi segan laaa pulak @Sunah ...


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