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BUFFET RAMADHAN : CITARASA TRADISI BUFFET DINNER AT RAMADA MERIDIN JOHOR BAHRU | Ramada Meridin Johor Bahru is happy to announce that our "Citarasa Tradisi Buffet Dinner Promotion" will be held from 10th May 2019 till 2nd June 2019 at Delish Restaurant, an all-dining restaurant, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. Dinners will be delighted by the feast lovingly prepared by our award-winning chef - Chef Mozart Muhamad - who was guest judge for Masterchef Malaysia (2011, 2012, 2013). 
His attention for little details makes up a great experience for the guests.

For the fasting month of Ramadan, Chef Mozart and his culinary team have prepared a fantastic spread that explores the wonderful dishes of various Malaysian locales. Be spoilt for choice with an assortment of traditional delights and mouth-watering fare from all across Malaysia.


Salad, Kerabu & Condiments
Salad Bar with Condiments & Dressing
Aneka Ulam Ulaman, Aneka Keropok, Aneka Sambal Pencicah & Aneka Jeruk

Sotong Kangkung, Rojak Pasembur, Rojak Buah with Condiments & Sauce

Soup Counter
Sup Ayam Berempah

Satay Lok Lok Counter
Selections of Seafood, Fish, Meat, Poultry, Vegetables, Steamboat, Serve dry or with Soup & Condiments

Laksa & Noodle Soup Counter
Laksa Johor with Condiments
Clear Chicken Broth with Selection Noodles & Condiments

Chef Signature 'Nasi Kukus Ayam Serai Berempah'
Steamed White Rice with Marinated Herb Spices Lemongrass Crispy Chicken

Assam Pedas Action Counter
Selection of Tetel, Pari Tuka, Chicken, Oxtail, Fish Kembong, Fish Merah, Ikan Sembilang, Ikan Tenggiri

Hawker Wok Action Stall
Char Kuey Teow, Mee Goreng Mamak, Beef Ginger, Dry Chili Chicken

Kambing 'Kuzie'
Roasted Whole Kambing with Kuzie Spices
Kuzie Rice with Condiments

Aneka Satay & Bakar Bakar Action Stall
Chicken & Beef Satay with Peanut Sauce & Condiments
Choices of Fish, Seafood, Meat & Poultry with Sauce & Condiments

Ikan Bakar
Baked Whole Tenggiri Fish with Asian Herb & Spices

Ayam Buluh
Herb Marinated Chicken In Bamboo

Tandoori Specialities
Chicken & Lamb Tandoori with Naan & Condiments

Air Kathira
Traditional Favourite Drinks with mixture of dates, cincau, raisins, kathira seed and cream

Kuih Muih & Buah Buahan
Assorted Whole Fruits & Cut Fruits
Assorted Malay Kuih

Pastries & Cake
Assorted French Pastries, Assorted Slice Cake, Mini Pastries, Tartlets, Puddings

Citarasa Tradisi Buffet Dinner
(Dine-in at Denish Restaurant)

Promotion Period : 10 May 2019 - 2 June 2019
Time : 6.30 pm - 10.00 pm

Price Type

Early Bird Voucher
Sale Period
1 April 2019 - 5 May 2019
Adult RM75 nett, Child RM48 nett

Normal/ Walk-in
Sale Period
6 May 2019 - 2 June 2019
Adult RM88 nett, Child RM58 nett

For enquiries and reservations, call : (607) 531 8888
For more informations, send an email to info@ramadameridinjohor.com

For the freshes updates and hotel promotions, connect at www.facebook.com/ramadameridinjb
For bookings please visit www.ramadameridinjohor.com

Ramada Meridin Johor Bahru is located at
No 5, Jalan Legoland, Bandar Medini Iskandar Malaysia
Iskandar Puteri, Johor Bahru.

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P/S: Review Sis, secara jujurnya memang semuanya sedap, walaupun nampak keluasan tempatnya kecil, tapi semua menu yang di sajikan menepati semua citarasa Sis, orang lain Sis tak tau. Tapi inilah kali pertama hampir semua menu main dish dia Sis cuba semua, memang rasa dia superb 👍


  1. Terindu2 masakan Chef Mozart, kita pun try hamper semua sis, semua sedap, memang berbaloi siapa yg beli early bird

    1. Iyerrr, paling sedap itulah ayam goreng rempah dia tu kan Kak @Seri..sangatlah sedapnya...

  2. Makanan kat sini sgt menyelerakan n nmpk bersih..

    1. Sangat, walau nampak tak banyak tapi semuanya menepati selera kami semua @Lea ...

  3. Cantiklah Kak deco dalaman dan hidangan menu.Nampak sangat rapi dan selesa ni.PC macam biasa,bila ada sahabat blogger kongsi review macam ni..tumpuan pertama dessert kak..hehe.

    1. Yerr paling bestnya @PC, masa nak ke cafenya, kena lalu swimming pool, sangat indah depan matahari terbenam...
      Bab desert tu memang the best! Lompat tikam dia sangat sedap!

  4. Antara hotel yang kita rasa ramadhan buffet dia not bad. Sangat sedap 😍

    1. Kannn @Farah, semua menu dia sedap dan sangat menyelerakan kannn...


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