THE POWER OF FORGIVENESS BY DAVID WYGANT | Forgiveness is something I think a lot of us forget about. How many of you are home alone in your house, flaking on dates, rejecting possible people because you're still angry at the opposite sex and how it's put you through the ringer of life?

How many of you are still angry at your parents for your upbringing, for the choices you've made in your life?

How many of you have a business partner that screws you over and you're still angry at them every single day on a very deep and very subconscious level?

Forgiveness is everything in life.

By the time you reach a certain age called adulthood, these are the truths.

Someone will have dumped you.

Someone may have cheated on you.

Someone you lent money to will have not returned it.

A friend that you once trusted leaked some valuable information about you and you're no longer friends with them.

You didn't get the job you really wanted.

You've been rejected by the opposite sex countless times.

You start building up animosity towards life, when in reality you need to start forgiving everybody that's ever hurt you.

You see, the people who hurt you and reject you didn't do it on purpose. They just did it because they're on a different plane, different path, different energetic level, different soul level as you.

So you need to ask for forgiveness. It's so important. Forgive yourself first. Forgive yourself for being human, for actually having human experiences.

You see, with every human experience that we have, there's no guarantee it's going to be what you want it to be.

No matter how much you formulate a human experience in your mind ahead of time, it doesn't mean it's actually going to be like that.

We can forecast in our brain just like the weather report the way we want a relationship to be.

We can forecast a business and do beautiful little Excel spreadsheets.

But no matter what happens, life will take whatever path it needs to take, whatever direction it needs to happen. So you need to give yourself the forgiveness.

We've all made mistakes. I've made a ton of them. 2016 was the year of mistakes for me.

One after the other.

I hired the wrong people.

I made some business decisions that backfired.

I spent money on things that didn't work.

I can blame the people I hired because they were pretty mediocre.

But why blame them? They were just doing whatever they were contracted to do.

The fault lies within me. I need to forgive myself for making wrong decisions. I can't think that every decision I'm going to make going forward is going to be the wrong or the right decision because in life you need to forgive yourself when you make a wrong decision.

Congratulate yourself for making a right one.

You see, life is just a series of decisions. Once a decision has been made, then you need to allow to happen whatever is going to happen. But if it backfires, make sure that you ask yourself for forgiveness after.

By David Wygant ..

P/S: Sis maafkan semua orang yang mengenali Sis. Tapi buat sesaorang bernama J**** ..Aku tidak akan maafkan kau sampai akhir hayat aku ..


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  1. Memaafkan mudah...tetapi sukar untuk melupakan...

    1. Iyerr @Suria, ada juga kesalahan yang tidak boleh kita lupakan sampai bila-bila ...


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Thank you for coming by.
Comments are your responsibility.
Any comments are subjected to the Act 588 MCMC 1988.
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