GRADUATION FLOWERS : IDEAL FLOWER GIFTS FOR THE GRADUATES | This is the big day for the graduates and to add some excitement and fun to this special event, why not send the person a very special Flower Delivery.

There are hundreds of bouquets to find at the flower shop and the Little Flower Hut is the expert when it comes to designs. 

If you are planning to surprise a family, relative, friend, or someone special a gift of flowers on graduation day, here are the ideal designs to choose from:

Floral Crowns

The florist creates different designs of floral crowns using a wide variety of fresh flowers for the graduation. The crowns are a cheery gift to the graduate, and because it is made from beautiful and colorful flowers, it makes a very lovely design for the graduation cap. These floral crowns for the graduation flower cap can also be customized according to the style you want or on the theme of the graduation. The graduate will surely love wearing a floral crown on this special day, especially if it comes from you. 

Flower Leis

The online florist Singapore also has beautiful designs for the floral leis. The graduation leis are a traditional and classical design for graduation flowers. Leis are symbolic of a better future and wonderful beginnings. To the graduate, flower leis are very symbolic of the achievement and success linked to completion of courses. This special design of flower arrangement is expressive of the congratulatory messages and cheerful greetings you want to convey.

Flower Bouquets

The florist has the largest selections and varieties of flower bouquet designs suitable for the graduation celebration. A hand bouquet of Roses, for example is a lovely gift fit for a beautiful lady celebrating graduation. On the other hand, there are lots of fresh flowers to consider for a unique and stunning graduation flower bouquet. These flowers are also great to send for same day flower delivery. 


Aside from flowers, the florist also prepares and creates wonderful hampers for graduation. If someone you know is about to march the stage for the graduation rites, this is the best time to have a graduation hamper delivered to his or her address. The hampers may contain assorted snacks and treats and accompanied by a lovely flower bouquet. 

Whether you make it to the graduation ceremony or you are attending the graduation celebration, a Flower Delivery of these flower gifts is sure to make the event more special.

P/S: Nanti anak Sis konvo, Ayahnya dah cakap, jangan bagi bunga lagi, bagi lain dari yang lain pulak hahahaha. Apakah itu? ...


  1. Syoknya masa grad, ramai orang bagi bunga hamper! Miss it :D

    1. kannnn @Syaza, Sis nengok orang jual pun gerammmm

  2. nice...da lama tak beli bunga dan tak dapat bunga....birthday saya 31 julai sis...macehhhh 😜

    1. Kann @Sunah, nanti Sis belikan ko yerr...

  3. Just wanted to thank you from 416 Flowers for deliverying my order ontime on the same day of the order was paleced. I know Flower Delivery Toronto is a challange now days, but they have reasoable pricing and great flower delivery services, Highly recommend using them. They were informative on process, timing, very courteous and above all very patient with the questions that came their way.


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