LEGOLAND® LAUNCHES SEA LIFE EDUCATION PROGRAM | Ministry of Education Endorses SEA LIFE Education Program. To celebrate this milestone LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort is giving away 10,000 free tickets to children and teachers from rural schools.

The endorsement of SEA LIFE Education Program by the Ministry of Education (MoE) marks LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort’s second endorsement from the ministry and further cements the attraction as a leading family-friendly and educational destination. The MoE had previously endorsed the English Mania & STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Program back in 2016. To celebrate this milestone, the resort is giving away 10,000 free tickets to students and teachers from rural schools so that they may benefit from an interactive and engaging educational experience.

On Saturday 26 October 2019, Secretary General, Minister of Education, YBHG Dato' Dr Mohd Gazali Bin Abas officiated the launching ceremony of SEA LIFE Education Program. The event extends LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort's commitment in nurturing children's creative skills and encouraging their growth and development through play-based learning.

To celebrate this milestone, the resort is giving away 10,000 free tickets to students and teachers from rural schools, so that they can benefit from the interactive and engaging educatinal experience.

The SEA LIFE Education Program incorporates learning outside the classroom and engages children on scientific topics that are aligned to the national curriculum standard for preschool and primary schools in Malaysia.

'Education is at heart of what we do here, backed by our LEGO® DNA of building creativity through play. The launch of SEA LIFE Education Program marks our commitment to offer a robust learning centre that simulates our children's curiosity of the natural world and how they can help protect it. With the opportunities to work with the Ministry of Education and align our programs to the scholl curriculum, LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort is the perfect place for children to enjoy outdoor learning activities." said Thila Munusamy, Director of Sales & Marketing LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort.

'We want to create an impact in our community through our CSR Program. This November, we will welcome 10,000 children and teachers from underserved rural schools to benefit from our fun learning experiences. By working with the MoE and JPN, we are also able to expand our outreach to schools across the country with our EDUPLAY EXPRESS Bus. The bus brings our educational programs directly to students and offers them an exciting interactive out-of-classroom learning platform. To date, the bus has visited more than 1,000 schools in Peninsular Malaysia and this number is steadily growing," Ms Thila continued.

Video : LEGOLAND Launches Sea Life Education Program 

The SEA LIFE Education Program encourages creativity and fosters innovation while ensuring children acwuire knowledge and skills. Each activity has been evaluated and tested. Some of the programme include :

  • Little Marine Biologist - Children get to be marine biologist for day through activities such as using a microscope to observe microorganisms. 
  • Let's Build A Food Chain - Children learn about the food chain by using their creativity to build their own LEGO version.
  • Why Recycling Matters to Marine Animals - Children will learn about recycling and the impact of pollution on nature with a fun interactive ecperiment. 

Educators can also head over to to find packages for school field trips to experiences all the LEGOLAND Education Program workshops avaiable in the park and SEA LIFE Malaysia.

Students and teachers looking for more information about the SEA LIFE Education Program or CSR initiave can reach out to Azuandy Kassim at

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Congratulations LEGOLAND® Malaysia !
Thank You for having us 💓

P/S: Paling Sis teruja naik bas Eduplay tu. Teringat zaman sekolah dulu ada Perpustakaan Bas Bergerak. Rindu!!..


  1. Bilalah nak jejak legoland pun tak tahu. Nama je orang Johor. Biar dulu macam-macam ada. nanti dah siap semua, baru pergi. Baru puas hati :)

    1. Tak apa @Azhafizah, Sis pun di panggil baru pergi sebab takde anak kecikkan..tapi promo tiket dia agak menarik sekarang, macam nak beli aje anual pass dia hehehe


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