MALAYSIA AIRLINES LAUNCHES FLY MALAYSIA CAMPAIGN | Malaysia Airlines, today, launched a brand campaign in support of Visit Malaysia 2020 (VM2020) called Fly Malaysia. Fly Malaysia reiterates Malaysia Airlines as the national icon and flag-bearer of Malaysia and reminds Malaysians of its proud history of its warm hospitality, which is a representation of the country. For tourists, the Fly Malaysia campaign will further enable the airline, via partnerships with relevant tourism bodies, to promote Malaysia to the world.

Whilst Malaysian Hospitality remains at the core of its brand promise, Fly Malaysia will heavily promote Malaysia as the preferred destination as the airline will be working closely with Tourism Malaysia. This campaign also works to encourage Malaysians to play a part by participating in the airline’s several social media initiatives in promoting the country.

Malaysia Aviation Group Chief Executive Officer, Izham Ismail said, “Malaysia Airlines first started in the golden age of commercial air travel. We have been serving Malaysia for over 70 years and today, and we continue to serve the country by covering over 1,000 destinations via our airline partners.

With Fly Malaysia, the Malaysian experience comes alive the moment a traveller steps onboard our aircraft and for Malaysians, it’s the familiar feeling of being at home, wherever their journey goes. As for the airline, Fly Malaysia simply means expressing our service through our culture and to always be Malaysian, for Malaysians.”

The Fly Malaysia campaign will be visible via advertisements and Malaysia Airlines’ social media channels throughout quarter four of 2019 until end of 2020. The airline’s ‘wau’ logo, will be fashioned with the airline’s iconic kebaya motif and complemented with a traditional batik design, which represents Malaysia’s rich culture, heritage and diversity.

Besides that, Fly Malaysia will see Malaysia Airlines embarking on more sales campaigns together with its sister airlines, Firefly and MASwings to encourage Malaysians to travel local and to connect tourists to Malaysia. The airline will also be participating and supporting more local scenes as it will be collaborating with Malaysia’s state tourism bodies in promoting domestic destinations.

P/S: Alaaa cantiknya, dah sama lebih kurang dengan baju pramugara/pramugarinya kan.. #VisitMalaysia202 #VM2020


  1. hehehe .. jom naik flight laki aku

    1. Macam mana nak tau kalau Abe Mu yang bawa haaa @Tatie ?

  2. kalau nak MH ni pun dah rasa dalam negara..hehe

    1. Yaaaa tapi MAS laa selesa dan kenyang kalau naiknya kann @Fuzy hehehe

  3. cantik gila icon Fly Malaysia ni! dan buat orang tertanya2, ada apa ekkk? rupanya ada kempen....

    1. Iyerr kempen Visit Malaysia 2020 @Sunah ..


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