TGV'S NEXT LEVEL OF CINEMATIC EXPERIENCE IS NOW OPEN AT TOPPEN SHOPPING CENTRE, JOHOR BAHRU | TGV's latest flagship is ready to make a splash in JB! Opening now in the city's newest megamall, Toppen Johor Bahru, this cinema will deliver compelling new experiences to elevate your cinamatic moments.

New Halls, New Experiences

Playing host to many new specialty hall concepts, patrons at this new TGV will be in for a treat as they experience cinema at its finest. Starting with the largest FLEXOUND installation in the world and the first FLEXOUND hall in Southeast Asia. Customers will experience customised seats with embedded speakers which deliver true personal immersion through improved clarity of dialogue, tactile sensory effects and perfect sound quality independent of seat location. Viewers will experience the enhanced audio immersion of FLEXOUND throughout the whole movie without the need for extra wearable accessories.

Bigger is definitely better with our brand new Infinity hall which offers a heart-pounding cinematic experience that combines the power of outstanding visuals together with breath-taking sound. This hall offers TGV’s Premium Large Format screen powered by Christie’s RGB 4K laser projector that delivers unparalleled visuals together with Dolby Atmos, an immersive audio technology which transports you into the story with moving audio that fills the cinema and flows all around you – even overhead – to deliver the premier sound of entertainment. Motorized recliner seats throughout complete this premium experience.

TGV is also bringing the ever popular Family Friendly Hall — with an adjoining playroom concept from Central i-City to Toppen JB as well! Kids will be able to enjoy fun activities in the new playroom at this location with the fun factor extended into the hall with multiple seating choices for every taste. Parents can also rest assured that their moments with their kids within these areas are well protected by Medklinn Purifier which is uniquely engineered to sterilise air and surfaces safely and naturally. This means 99.9% of all known bacteria, viruses and other harmful pollutants are eliminated in TGV’s Family Friendly Hall and the connected playroom.

TGV is all about elevating personal comfort to make sure viewers get to enjoy their movie in true bliss. In the new Prestige hall, the premium experience is offered in an intimate format offering either the luxury of INDULGE full recliners in the upper deck or compact premium recliners in the lower deck section. In the Deluxe+ halls, customers will be treated to compact premium recliners or plush gliding seats as they immerse themselves in the movie of their choice.

Redefining the Cinema-Going Experience

TGV Toppen JB is not only the definitive entertainment destination but a spot to get social as well. The first ever Coke Zone and Sony Interactive Zone will make their debut here which will allow patrons to hang out, get some pictures “for the gram”, surf with our free high speed Wi-Fi and even charge their devices with the charging stations that are available. For those looking for a refined culinary experience, our INDULGE Lounge allows customers to dine in and savour a wide variety of dishes before enjoying their movie. Customers can also opt for the INDULGE seats with in-hall dining services available in the Infinity and Prestige halls.

"We’re inspired by our mission to make the cinema a place of joyful experiences and memorable moments. At TGV Toppen JB, we’ve introduced new concepts, higher standards and the best quality comfort to deliver an environment that is truly unique. We are optimistic that our customers will agree that TGV Toppen JB is a special social and entertainment destination that brings back the magic of going to the movies,” remarked Yeoh Oon Lai, CEO of TGV Cinemas.

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TGV Cinema doesn't just aim for the norm, but they strive to enhance experiences and enjoyment for all cinema-goers. From sports to music, sing-along events and even live comedy shows, TGV offers a wide range of compelling content for the whole family.

The opening of Toppen JB is more step forward in a revolution that TGV is spearheading to truly raise the standards of entertainment in Malaysia

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