PONDEROSA'S 2020 CHINESE NEW YEAR MENU FOR SMALL FAMILIES | Hop Sing Chinese Restaurant at Ponderosa Golf & Country Club will be going for the slim and trim this year with two menus that cater to smaller families that starts at RM 388nett with five dishes and RM 588nett with six dishes that are suitable for 4 - 6 perosns. For families with 8 - 10 persons the Prosperity Set Menu at RM 988nett is available with eight dishes.

"Family units are smaller nowadays and we wish to cater to such groups, without food wastage. Many restaurant traditionally cater to menus for tables of 10 persons and once there are lesser persons, there will be much food wasted," said General Manager, Tan Kai Yang. "Last year, we implement Chinese menus without Shark's Fin and this year we are going to minimizing wastage of food".

Still heading for the direction of wholosome home-cooked dishes rather than typical restaurant fair and flair, the Blessing Set menu at RM 388nett offers Salmon Yee Sang, Steamed Sliced Fish in Nyonya Sauce, Deep Fried Boneless Chicken in Lemon Sauce, Golden Baked Prawns in Crispy Oats and Yang Chow Froed Roce.

The Fortune Set Menu at RM 588nett for 4 - 6 persons has a different set of selesctions with Salmon Yee Sang, Steamed Seaabass Hong Kong Style, Crispy Chcken, Deep Froed Prawns in Doya Sauce, "Fa Cai' Braised Broccoli with Black Mushroom & Dried Oyster and Froed with Sliver Anchovies.

The Prosperity Set Menu at RM 988nett caters to 10 persons, include Salmon Yee Sang, Braised Fosh Maw with Crab Meat, Roasted Chicken, Steamed Red Snapper Hong Kong Style, 'Fa Cai" Braised Brocolli with Black Mushrpom & Dried Oyster, Deep Froed Prawns in Soya Sauce, Lotus Leaf Roce and Chilled Sea Coconut with Longan and Lemon.

There are also options to a'la carte Yee Sang with Pacific Clam Yee Sang at RM 58+ for small and R< 116+ for large portions, while Salmon yee Sang is priced RM 49+ for small and RM 98+ for large portions.

The menus are applicable not only for reunion dinners but also for Company 'Closing' for the Chinese New Year celebrations and also 'Back-To-Work' Get-Together.

For further enquires and booking, you can call Lai Yee at 017-766 2636 or general line during restaurant operating hours at +067 354 9999 ext 255, or email neba@ponderosagolf.com.

Hop Sing Chinese Restaurant does not serve pork nor lard and all ingredients are sourced from HALAL food suppliers.

Happy to meet again founder blog Tony Johor Kaki

Ponderosa Golf & Country Club (Johor Bahru)
Adress: 3, Jalan Ponderosa 1/1
Taman Ponderosa, 81100 Johor Bahru

Contact: 07-3549999
Opens : 7pm-10pm (Daily)
Email: enquiry@ponderosagolf.com

Facebook : Ponderosa Golf & Country Resort 

P/S: Ayam goreng halia dia sedap giler!!! Rasa nak pi makan sekarang! Hahahaha...


  1. cny ni mana2 hotel menunya lebih kurang je kan...sama macam ramadhan, mana2 mesti ada kambing golek....

    1. Kann..itu signature menu festive orang cina sempena CNY Sun..dulu hingga sekarang..setiap menu tu ada makna tersendiri..


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