ANIMAL GARDEN COVID-19 RELIEF FUND | The welfare of animals in their zoos need to be catered for during Covid-19 crisis as most of these places are closed for visitors therefore reducing their revenue.

For this petting zoo in MAEPS, G2G Animal Garden, the team member are managing the best they can to sustain daily activities, keeping the animals healthy and active. They have also started campaigns to promote annual membership to help sustain their operation in months to come.

The management have agreed to allow them to raise fund to help ensure the pet animals survive the crisis beyond the MCO period.

So if you can assist or contribute please use the following links;


P/S: Nanti dah takde wabak ni, nak bawa Mia ke sini..mesti Mia dan Danny suka..


  1. aduuu musim pkp n covid19 ni memang terjejas teruk sektor2 macam ni...kesian kat deme, kesian kat haiwan2 tu gak...

    1. Kannn sian kannn, yang kat Sandakan tu pun sama Sunah..Sun Bear dan Orang Utan :((


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