Spontaneous Thursday #8: Sale.

Assalamualaikum wbt..

Today 6hb Okt is Jcard Sale @Jusco Bukit Indah

Apa itu Spontaneous Thursday? 

P/S: Nak claim baucer Jcard rm30..Jadilah dari takde kan.. :) TQ Jusco..

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  1. As salam Sis-Lin.
    Selamat pagiii..
    Wah! Kelasss ko jahhh!
    Promote terbaekkk!
    Dpt! Dpt! Dpt SMS ni heheh..

  2. Oh Oeya: Hahahaha mmg terbaekkkkk...bukan promote tp hepi sbb dpt baucer rm30 hahahahahhaa

    Jd la kan dr tade... :p

  3. alaa...bila plak jj tebrau city nak buat jcard sale nih.... ;)


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