Bakso Jawo.!!!

Salam semua...
Tengok sedapnye kan...mmg sedap,yum3...hrtu Lin gan ank2 bersama kwn tu dok blk dr kilang Apollo trus sggh kt Perling Jln Camar tu pi pekena Bakso Jawo,mmg org Indon Jawo yg jual tu,1 mgkuk rm3.50..murahkan,kentul nye tu pun byk seh,ada 7 biji..mmg klu korang nk try test,pi la cuba,mmg power...

P/S: Bt Ct.Delima,nnti bila dtg Johor,Lin bwknye mkn Bakso..keh3
Bakso Jawo.!!! Bakso Jawo.!!! Reviewed by Sis Lin on Sunday, December 14, 2008 Rating: 5


  1. bakso bakso ni kurang sikit ar nak makan... linda jer makan.. he he... kalau mee soto tu orait gak.. he he

  2. lin..dah terliur tgk bakso tu..bak nak makannnn !!


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