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SEA LIFE MALAYSIA, AN UP-CLOSE OCEAN EXPERIENCE, THROUGH MAGICAL STORYTELLING, INTERACTIVE DISPLAYS AND HANDS-ON ENCOUNTERS | LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort has marked its second week of operations for SEA LIFE Malaysia, the country's first interactive LEGO® themed aquarium.

Now a new marine santuary comprising of 13,000 marine life of 120 species from 11 different habitat zones, this highly awaited double-storey aquatium is the latest attraction at the resort.

Legoland Malaysia Arch 

"We re thrilled with the amazing response we have received upon inveiling this new attraction earlier this month. The interactive aquarium at SEA LIFE Malaysia provides a fun and exciting learning experience that combines education and conservation. With a blend LEGO®s approach of building imagination through play, SEA LIFE Malaysia promise a grest day out for the entire family," said Kurt Stocks, General Manager at LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort.

Speech bt Kurt Stocks, General Manager, LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort 
SEA LIFE Malaysia Junior Rangers Award Ceremony 

LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort has been attracting locals and tourist to state, with Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia and China being amongst the top markets for the resort.

In line with this, the recent opening and hype around SEA LIFE Maalaysia is expected to provide an added boost in diving tourism in Johor, further supporting the state's ambition of becoming a high-value regional tourism destination by 2023, as outlined in the Johor Tourism Master Plan.

"SEA LIFE Malaysia has been a hit and we look forward to mesmerizing even more visitors while inspiring kids to learn, love and care for the ocean through edutainment," said Stocks.

Amongst the marine life now housed across 25 tanks are stingrays, Zebra Sharks, Black Tip Reef Shark, Seahorse, and more. Other amazing discoveries include magical storytelling, interactive displays, hands-on encounters at the Rock Pool zone, special habitat zones which comprises of a Malaysian Rainforest, a Stingray Bay and a fascinating Ocean Tank, the largest tank that filled 400,000 litres of water.

Spanning 6-metres long and over 2-metres wide, the Ocean Tank features fun and interactive experiencesthat introduces visitors to the marine life and marine conservation. On top of this, guests can keep a lookout for special LEGO® Mini-Figures and the other LEGO® sea creatures as they embark on their educational journey at SEA LIFE Malaysia.

Full Gate Rate (Day Ticket) SEA LIFE MALAYSIA for Malaysian, Singaporean, International - all in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) :

Adult : rm 95 
Child : rm 74 

Behind The Scence Tour :

MYR rm25/pax, but guests need to buy a SEA LIFE entry ticket first.
Maximum allocation is 15pax at the following times.

For more latest update on promotion and activities, stay connected with LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort via Facebook and Instagram.

P/S: Kalau anak-anak memag suka, tapi nampak macam Mak budak pun suka gak tu hahahaha.

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