LAZADA AND TNG DIGITAL INJECTS RM6 MILLION #KitaBantuKita TO SUPPORT OVER 320,000 MALAYSIAN SME's RECOVERY | Lazada Malaysia, part of Alibaba’s flagship eCommerce ecosystem in the region, and TNG Digital join forces to introduce #KitaBantuKita, a RM6 million incentive programme to stimulate the local economy towards a post-COVID-19 recovery, and protect the livelihoods of over 320,000 local SMEs and netpreneurs on the leading eCommerce platform.

“The digital economy will be a critical factor in Malaysia’s economic recovery. We have seen a significant shift in the business landscape, with more local SMEs digitalising their businesses by going online. Over the last five months, the number of new sellers on Lazada grew by more than 200% as Malaysians increasingly look towards online solutions for their everyday needs. With one third of Malaysians shopping on our platform every month, the #KitaBantuKita initiative aims to assist SMEs to get back on their feet and speed up their recovery,” said Leo Chow, Chief Executive Officer, Lazada Malaysia.

  • The RM6 million incentive programme aims to speed up and support the government’s digital led recovery plans by strengthening the digital economy
  • Programme is expected to help around 320,000 merchants nationwide on Lazada Malaysia
  • Malaysians will be able to enjoy savings of up to RM36 each through #KitaBantuKita platform-wide vouchers and rebates on Lazada

Malaysians will be able to enjoy savings of up to RM36 each through #KitaBantuKita platform-wide vouchers and rebates while shopping on Lazada. The incentive programme, in partnership with TNG Digital, will accelerate the greater use and adoption of digital platforms and payments among Malaysian consumers and merchants, especially small enterprises and retail businesses, as well as help them bounce back and thrive in the New Normal.

“We applaud the government’s efforts towards cultivating an increasingly cashless society within the recent economic recovery plan, with initiatives such at the one-off RM50 allowance for eWallet users and discount vouchers. It showcases that digital payment is the way forward for secure and safe transactions, especially in the current global pandemic. Through this #KitaBantuKita incentive programme with Lazada Malaysia, we will further help boost the country’s economic recovery and promote a sustainable payment solution via the Touch ‘n Go eWallet,” said Ignatius Ong, Chief Executive Officer, TNG Digital.

From now until 31 July 2020, the #KitaBantuKita incentive programme provides up to RM36 savings for Malaysians via*:
  • Instantly useable, no minimum spend, RM5 credit for new Lazada Wallet users
  • Instantly collectable RM10 discount voucher for new Lazada users when activating account
  • Instantly collectable RM3 discount voucher for all Lazada Wallet users
  • Instantly collectable RM3 discount voucher for all Touch ‘n Go eWallet users on Lazada
  • One-off RM5 cashback for the first purchase on Lazada by new Touch ‘n Go eWallet users
  • One-off instant cashback of up to RM10 for the first top-up on Lazada Wallet

More information is available on:

As Malaysians' one-stop lifestyle destination, Lazada stands ready to invest and amplify the government’s efforts to drive SME digitalisation, while helping Malaysians reduce cost of living through daily savings and smart living, especially with the upcoming 7.7 Lazada Mid-Year Super Sale, leading up to the Shop Malaysia Online campaign. 

The #KitaBantuKita partnership with TNG Digital showcases the capability and synergy between both companies to futureproof and spur the national economy towards its post-pandemic recovery.

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P/S: Haaa apalagi, jom kita amik bahagian kita dalam #KitaBantuKita 


  1. Rasa macam nak beralih dari shopee ke Lazada pulak la.

    1. Hehehehe kann, tapi keduanya banyak beza...kadang pilihan dan tawarannya pun tak sama... kena bijak membeli..

  2. aku ri tu topup touch n go e wallet, ingatkan nak bayar barang kek kat kedai kek..rupanya dia da tak pakai touch n go dah..adeii..jadi dalam tu ada banyak duit..boleh la aku shopping kat lazada nanti..lets #kitabantukita!

    1. Yaaa ko guna je soping kakak pun buat macamtu..nanti kita try lee soping, lagi mudah atau susah.,.


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