PUMA RECOGNIZES THE POWER OF SPORT UNITING THE WORLD WITH NEW UNITY COLLECTION | Global sports brand PUMA has just released the Unity Collection, a pack that celebrates PUMA’s sports heritage and the power of sport uniting our world. As part of the collection launch and other diverse efforts during the past weeks, PUMA has committed to donate a total of $200,000 USD to the U.N. COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

We are all part of one world, and the Unity Collection highlights this through sport as a unifying force. PUMA’s donation associated with this collection will directly support WHO’s global work to help countries prevent, detect, and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. PUMA believes that it is important to help build a future where everyone can continue to play sports and enjoy its benefits.

“Now more than ever, we recognize that sport plays a critical role as a unifying force in our world,” said Adam Petrick, Global Director of Brand and Marketing for PUMA. “As a brand and with our athletes and ambassadors, we are one team, united in sport, together for good. During these unparalleled times, we need to be united – because we know that we are much stronger together than apart.”

The unisex collection consists of apparel, footwear, and accessories. Simple black and white designs are given a vibrant look with pops of color drawn from international flags, while printed drawcords and gold metal hardware elevate the designs.

The footwear for this collection includes the Future Rider, Ralph Sampson, RS-2K, RS-X³, and Cali Sport, featuring neutral base designs with color accents of blue, red, yellow and green. Any of these shoes would be a perfect pairing for the water repellent TFS Track Suit, featuring a center front zipper with multicolor woven tape and gold hardware on the TFS Track Top, and side and back pockets on the TFS Track Pants. The TFS Graphic Tee comes in white and black, the latter of which features “AUF ALLEN FÜNF KONTINENTEN,” or “ON ALL FIVE CONTINENTS” across the front, alongside colored accents and the PUMA logo.

The Originals PU Backpack TFS is a classic backpack in vegan leather with a two-way zip opening into main compartment and padded slip-in pocket inside with color accents on the handle and below the logo in the front pocket. The TFS Cap is a simple black hat with a moisture wicking eyelet mesh sweatband inside and a multi-colored adjuster with “AUF ALLEN FÜNF KONTINENTEN” across it. The collection range includes pants, jackets, sweatshirts, shorts and accessories.

PUMA’s Unity Collection arrive in Malaysia on July 13 th and will be available at PUMA.com, and across PUMA stores and retail partner outlets nationwide, priced from RM 109.00 to 569.00

P/S: Cantik plak design dan warna kasut dia tu, tiberr berkenan plak kitew...hehehehe


  1. Replies
    1. Kan Kak, harga pun tak mahal mana, cuma jarang nak beli Puma kan...

  2. eh macam lawa pulak kasut baru ni ek...aku memang suka puma ni..

    1. Kannn anak aku pun cakap cantik plak keluaran baru PUMA ni...jom le kita skodeng sebiji hahahaha

  3. cantik yang first tu. Suka style tapak ala sneaker shoes.

    1. Yaa betul, memang kalau kasut putih, cantik padan dengan apa juga pakaian kann


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